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26 March 2012.  
What does the global future portend? Noel Hodson, promoter of FOODTUBES, forecasts the near and far future, based on today’s facts, in two gripping science-fiction novels – now on Amazon Kindle. OUT OF THE DEPTHS is set in 2012 – before and during global warming; and AD2516 is the brave new world after global warming.  “Noel Hodson, …that distinguished futurist” Brian Aldiss in The Times & The Guardian.  
AD2516 – After Global Warming    …far future of mankind (with global transport tubes).
OUT OF THE DEPTHS    …near future; global flooding, pandemic, chaos & new governments emerging.
NO KINDLE? – Download the books for less than a paperback onto your cell-phone or computer, in 20 seconds. Twelve hours absorbing reading for a meagre pittance. Support your local authors!
THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE:  Transport Tubes – The Foodtubes Project update – The UK Technology Strategy Board TSB just announced (21 Mar 12) major funding for Future Cities and Transport Systems.  The Foodtubes Project is applying for TSB support under the new CATAPULT programmes. Foodtubes rely on cutting edge pipeline transport infrastructure, power and computer-guidance-systems to save 80% of today’s fuel bills and pollutants. (Catapult update brochure titled Shaping the network of centres, which is available from the website at )
The Author: (Mr) Noel HODSON
16 Brookside, Oxford, OX3 7PJ, UK – Tel +44 (0)1865 760994

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