Several irate friends ask yet again “What the hell is the Higgs?” and my wife reading my doom-mongering economics blogs said “For heaven’s sake, lighten up!”
I can do both in one article. This is incredibly light and explains The Higgs.
STRAW INTO GOLD: The Higgs Boson, hunted by CERN, is the magical, miraculous, momentous moment and particle created when pure-energy turned or turns into matter. Hence it is dubbed “The God Particle”. Pure-energy is the Electro-Magnetic (magnetism and electricity) field which is Light. Light is the basic stuff of the universe. It includes the light we can see, plus X-rays, Infra-red, radio-waves, TV rays, rainbows and the whole Light spectrum, most of which we cannot see but our instruments detect.
BIG-BANG: Light filled the universe after the alleged Big-Bang that allegedly started the universe. In science, Light is not a “Thing”. It is no-thing. It is pure energy. It is a field force in wave form though it has no form. It cannot be bottled. It has no existence (does not “stand-out”). So, although the entire universe is literally filled with Light, in every place and at every point, science calls it “empty” space – the Void. But it is scientifically, really and actually full of Light; which is how we can see distant galaxies, TV shows, and the whole universe.
CREATURES OF LIGHT: Nobody knows how Light turned or turns into particles that make the atoms that make the molecules that make the elements that make us (and other large or “macro” things). We are made of nothing but Light. We are all Creatures of Light. An atomic bomb turns most of the uranium/ plutonium / hydrogen etc back into Light – hence the light-flash and monstrous explosion. If you or I exploded atomically, we’d destroy all of England and probably Wales as well.
HIGGS BOSON: The Higgs (Prof Higgs’) Boson (photons and other ephemeral tiny parts of the atom) is an alleged relatively large tiny sub-atomic (smaller than an atom) photonic particle that Prof Higgs (an English physicist) mathematically calculates (Prof. Higgs still lives) to be the particle that is missing from the “particle zoo” that constitute The Standard Model (of the atom etc). Most other particles that have been calculated to exist have actually been found at research centres like the Large Hadron Collider or LHC at CERN. (“Large” means big; “Hadrons” are found at the centre or Nucleus of an atom – made of Quarks (the tiniest of all particles. Rhymes with ‘corks’) and include many types including pions and kaons; “Collider” means the Hadrons are bashed together at CERN at high speed). The very expensive collisions smash the Hadrons into bits. Scientists hope that one of the bits will be the elusive Higgs Boson.
I have just alienated all scientists and given Richard Dawkins terminal apoplexy by using English, magic, God and inappropriate Caps for emphasis, instead of maths-physics-obscure-language, which is vitally necessary to secure their budgets.
Scientists explain that the Higgs Boson confers mass on matter, on the other sub-atomic particles such as photons and electrons that are otherwise weightless. It weighs – or compresses light-energy of about 125 Giga (a billion) electron volts. (WikiP – data hints at a possibility the Higgs may exist with a mass around 125 GeV/c2 (about 133 proton masses, on the order of 10−25 kg).)
The evidence that the Higgs is indeed missing, or not yet found, is in the calculation that in the centre of atoms, where the Quarks are, about 80% of mass is missing and that at the other end of the scale, galaxies are “missing” up to 90% of the mass needed to glue them together. The Higgs would provide the glue in the form of more gravity. Gravity is also a scientific mystery.
Another way to think of the Higgs is as the boundary process between God and Creation; between Angels and Humans; between Spirit and Mind and between Sentience and Consciousness. On that scientifically heretical note, I will cease. 
After reading science as an amateur observer for more than 50 years, I have, as you might expect, a complete theory of how it all works – A TOE or Theory of Everything – which has yet to be scientifically tested or even noted.
 And a short visual version for busy executives at:

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