Is there an educated adult on Earth who does not know that the fundamental building force in the universe is Newtonian Gravity? Science does not know what gravity is but knows what it does. It sticks us to the ground, prevents us from flying off the spinning planet, and makes rising from bed into a vertical stance more difficult.
The force of gravity acts centre to centre; e.g. from the centre of the Earth to the centre of the Moon. The calculations have been made so often, so accurately by so many, that they must be correct. Newton’s laws calculate the flights of cannon balls, cricket balls, arrows and inter-planetary space craft, in the real world, with great precision. NASA’s spaceships do get to Mars.
When I descend a shaft dug from London to Sydney, I will fall to the Earth’s centre. However, “All particles of matter attract each other via gravity”; this is how hydrogen gas atoms, the most plentiful universal material, allegedly drift together, compress, and form stars or suns, which, spinning and cooling eventually precipitate planets – like our Solar System. At the centre of the Earth there is a lot of matter above me in every direction. Will it tug me upwards towards it? No, it won’t – because the surrounding forces are equally balanced. I will have to use energy to climb up to London or Sydney. But all matter attracts in all directions – so why does it all insist on trying to fall to the centre? What is attracting it to the centre point?
My idea, Expansion is Gravity (EiG), www.noelhodson.com/index_files/Life-Universe-Everything-8Mar2011.pdf cites unceasing Hubble Expansion of the Universe as the primary driver. Worked backwards by mathematicians, Hubble Expansion is contraction and leads inexorably back to the Big Bang, when at the beginning of Time gravity had compressed (let’s not argue tenses here) the whole universe to a pin-point – a Black Hole – which on expansion became a White Hole (physics has these) which exploded infinite Light, which became today’s universe.  Before the Big Bang was God.
Is there a Mini Black Hole at the centre of all masses (like planets)? Where is all Earth’s rock and iron trying to get to? Science knows that highly compressed matter gets hot – magma and volcanoes – and, even hotter, it changes from matter into super, super heated, super energetic plasma – partway between a gas of stripped down atoms and pure “formless” energy (Light). Does the matter of massive suns and planets strive to exit its tediously long existence via the minuscule event horizon of a Black Hole to return to pure light? Can it only do so by sacrificing its form, through almost infinite pressure? If so, Black Holes convert matter back to energy, to electro-magnetic fields (Light), which, stripped of all previous identity, might broadcast a pure, standard, unvarying, universal radio signal?  

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