An actual decay of a suspected Higgs boson into
two gamma rays (thick green lines) in the
CMS detector recorded in 2012.
Image credit: CERN

Our indefatigable, critical correspondent – Mrs Trellis of North Wales – writes “Your description of the Higgs Boson and Custard is not in accord with my recipe for Welsh Custard, nor with Einstein’s Cosmological Constant!”. And Mrs Trellis suggests I try to explain The Higgs again, correctly.
So here we go again, The Higgs!
Physics tackles the very small, Quantum /Sub-Atomic Physics – and the very large, Cosmology. Among the many mysteries is the moment when energy was (or is) turned into matter. In  E=MC2 Einstein proved that mass is compressed light. Since then particles are measured as electrical energy. (See earlier articles). The Higgs might link the minuscule and gigantic.
Science believes that Matter was created from Pure Energy or Light a micro-second after the beginning of the universe – in the alleged Big Bang. How did it do it?
THE STANDARD MODEL, dissecting the workings of the atom, dates from about 1920 and has been added to and applied in the real world so often by so many scientists that it is accepted as utterly reliable. However, it does not bridge the gap from sub-atomic to astronomic, nor explain gravity, nor why 80% of the energy of the nucleus (protons and neutrons made of Quarks) of atoms is “missing”, nor why cosmologists need to assume that, never detected, Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up the 90% “missing” mass of galaxies like the Milky Way. Defining The Higgs might answer “How was Matter Made? How was Straw spun into Gold? How did Pure Energy get its Mass?
THE CUSTARD IS THE HIGGS FIELD: Einstein dismissed the Aether as unnecessary. Earlier scientists had conjectured that a matrix that conducted light filled the universe. I have long thought that the Aether does indeed exist. My Aether-Matrix, made of the intersecting light from all phenomena from galaxies to brain-waves, detectable everywhere by eye (visible light) or instruments (radio waves) and reproducing “holographic” images of the universe at all scales, is scientifically undeniable, if little known. It does indeed conduct Light.

THE HIGGS BOSON is deemed to be the unit of energy in an approximately atom sized sphere of 70 pm – 70 trillionths of a meter). The boson weighs about 115MeV/C2 to 125MeV/C2. In English, these are 115 million electron volts to 125 million electron volts each divided by 90 thousand trillion – and in ordinary arithmetic grocery units the Higgs Bosons weigh:

From  0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,205,010,000 grams
Up to  0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,222,830,000 grams
(about 2 thousand, billion, billionths of one gram)

so not very large or heavy. But they are about 134 times as large as protons (which are at the heart /nucleus of atoms alongside neutrons).  All the “Higgs Bosons” in the entire universe link with each other to make “The Higgs Field”. By definition a field has no parts so each Higgs Boson (remember a boson is in the photon /electron family) permeates the whole universe. {For me, this logically implies that the Higgs Field, or Aether, or Aether Matrix has the capacity for instantaneous communication, across a sentient medium; logical because sentience and intelligence (our brains for example) emerge from this field.}

PUTTING ON WEIGHT: Atoms are often depicted as shells within shells as in this uranium 238 atom (92 Protons + 146 Neutrons).
Science cannot “see” these shells but experiment shows how they act and we can apply that knowledge in practical machines. This is The Standard Model in daily use. The different particles are never static but in constant flux, as if pulsating. Even at Absolute Zero temperature, when everything freezes, they still slightly pulsate.   
Pre-Higgs, where and how the particles acquire their weights /mass is not clear. If we imagine this atom swimming in the Higgs Field, the ubiquitous journalists’ Custard, the particles are getting their mass – their energy (remember mass and energy are interchangeable) from the Higgs Bosons that “carry” or “confer” or “transmit” the mass to the particles (which are not particles but Wavicles). So, The Higgs field of Higgs Bosons might be thought of as an all permeating shell around each atomic particle.
In my EIG Theory, the different masses expected of diverse Higgs Bosons accords with the differing vacuums spheres created in the field by the unceasing expansion of the universe. It is in those spheres that I speculate matter is created from light.
Will Mrs Trellis award this her peer review stamp of approval for clarity?   






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