Britons will have noticed that rain has not stopped falling, day or night, in the UK since April, the month when our Water Companies announced a drought, empty aquifers and hose-pipe bans.  Here’s a tip to save them money: You can send the witchdoctors and shamans home… They can stop dancing and shooting fire-arrows into the clouds. They have done their jobs. They have fulfilled their contracts. We are wet enough. Our homes are fully saturated. Thank you – and take your magic home.
We weep of course for our American cousins who have had the six driest and hottest months on record, and are suffering runaway forest and suburban fires. Just wait awhile, you brave can-do capitalist citizens. I notice that these extraordinary weather systems, currently flooding and flattening Russia, China and Japan, to name but a few, flow from West to East. Japan’s rains today will be America’s tomorrow, as the capricious jet-streams sweep across the Pacific, climb your Rocky Mountains and precipitate onto your wheat belt and Corn Flakes factories. The rains will come; and New York will share London’s sodden fate.
In my book, my most readable and agreeable novel, Out of the Depths, for E-readers and Over the Rainbow in print (note the clever play on watery themes), such events are predicted; are scientifically forecast – and the cities, districts, streets and even particular buildings that will drown first and for a long time, are named in order of inundation. The second flood will of course decimate the global population and change the future for mankind, and womankind. In fact it is a woman who shapes the new, better society, aided by the captain of a potent nuclear submarine. (Size does matter). So as you read it on vacation, your hopes will rise from the depths of despair (“depths” – deep oceans, deep thoughts – clever eh?) to the triumphs of the Brave New World that emerges. But, few of us, Britons or Americans, could or would or will survive the coming transition.  

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