Man is half-way between the smallest and largest phenomena
Does what you think and do matter? As an individual, are you of any consequence at all? Will your brief birth, life and death on our bejewelled blue planet, one of a billion, billion globes in infinite space-time, have any impact or meaning?
Such questions are beyond the remit of today’s science. Science regards life and humans as messy, confused and confusing. Until little green men invade Earth in their starships and then are followed by a scientifically forecasted and anticipated second alien invasion of life forms, science sees living forms, life, as an accidental, one-off aberration. To science, life is no more than a mix of chemicals, usually with a bit of water, which will, one day, be created in test-tubes – shaken not stirred, into life. Even the divine Professor Brian Cox, dream pinup of all the women in my physics class, tells us smilingly that the universe, and all of life, will scientifically and inevitably and unstoppably end in Heat Death; when all matter will spread out into the lightless, limitless void and no phenomena will exist. Doom, Doom, meaningless, purposeless Doom.
Such thinking is utter scientific nonsense. It is based and extrapolated from the understandable desire of scientists to pin things down, to fractionise, atomise and analyse using universal laws that do not change in the middle of their calculations. Such doom-laden Heat-Death prophecies are conceived from juggling with the same rules and regulations that lead us back to The Big Bang. Physics relies utterly on The Universal Constants – and scientists pray fervently that while they are engrossed for ten years in fiendishly difficult calculations, say to weigh the observable universe, the damn Constants will damn well stay constant. But they do not.
The missing ingredient in today’s scientific models is the obvious, demonstrable scientific fact that the entire observable universe is suffused with radio signals – with electro-magnetic fields – with light in all its manifestations. We, and everything, are made of compressed light, which vibrates at millions, probably billions, of diverse wavelengths and manifests particles such as photons and electrons (and The Higgs). We, and everything, broadcast electro-magnetic signals; either originating the signals from primary energetic events, or, as in interstellar clouds of hydrogen gas for example, altering the signals as they pass through. All these signals are scientifically detectable – even from the edge of the observable universe, more than 40 billion light years away. This is the universal field of energy and its manifest phenomena.  So where do you and I come in?
As far as science knows today, we humans are the most complex (and intelligent – though that’s sometimes hard to credit) product of the universal field and its mathematical Constants. We choose to gather energy, to collect photons, to compress them, to integrate into a well tested pattern, to be born, to walk, talk and watch TV, and to die and disintegrate and shuffle-off this mortal coil – all in the blink of an eye. Our brains, which extend throughout our bodies via the nervous system, are fantastically complex, run on a 10 to 75 watt circuit fuelled by food, and they ceaselessly broadcast radio signals – some of consequence – whether we are playing football or translating hieroglyphics. Everything you, and we, do and think and say is broadcast and recorded, till the end of time, in the universal field, by the field being altered. Your tiniest movement and thought makes an impact. You are of consequence to the universe. It remembers you.  
These signals, like all radio, stream into the universe at almost the speed of light and they scientifically, undeniably, demonstrably alter the existing energy field (now perhaps The Higgs Field – my Aether-Matrix). What science currently lacks is to hold in mind that these “new” phenomenal signals constitute a feed-back mechanism into the field, which have to be accommodated by the field. Recognition that the field is sentient not inert and dumb, and that the field in turn gives birth to all phenomena, will illustrate the circular nature of nature. The natural laws, the Universal Constants, change as the field evolves through all the events and experiences in the universe. The wonderment of scientists at the incredible precision of the Universal Constants and how they create the exacting Goldilocks conditions necessary for matter and life to exist is more readily understood when such circular feedback is accepted.
We do not live in a Flat, or Open, or Closed universe (“Open” means ever expanding unto the Heat Death), we live in a Dynamic Universe which adjusts its parameters and Constants micro-second by microsecond.  “Nil Desparandum” Professor Cox and Co. You, and we all, are immortal – as broadcasting stars.  

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