It is little wonder that friends tell me to get a life and get out more. For our vacation I took five popular science books on the physics of the universe, including an old cartoon ABC version of Einstein’s Special & General Relativity in which I had once managed to scribble the maths of E=MC2 …and understand it. Einstein’s “Special” theory shows that the speed of light is the only fixed “dimension”, whereas height, length, breadth and Time vary. And his later “General” theory shows that gravity bends space-time around massive (and presumably small) stellar objects.
I also re-read Professor Frank Close’s book The Void, which brilliantly explores vacuums, waves and the basic stuff of the universe. Closest to my heart however is The Goldilocks Enigma by Paul Davies, who starts by berating scientists who hold that the universe is ultimately pointless and meaningless. He explores the great mystery of how the universe on micro and macro scales is right for life, those ubiquitous delicate, complex, vulnerable, sentient creatures, including humans, usually mixed with water, that survive and emerge from cauldrons of exploding supernovae, zero temperatures (-273 degrees Kelvin), and survive crooked bankers and politicians.
This holiday reading confirmed that my speculations on Life, The Universe and Everything are still consistent with mainstream scientific thinking. It is still viable to assume that we are Creatures of Light, literally made from compressed light, immersed in an expanding sea of perpetual but dynamic electromagnetic holograms of the entire universe – The Aether-Matrix – and that all things, life and we broadcast our every motion, including brainwaves, into the Aether-Matrix, which in turn is informed and reformed by this feedback. We are literally and scientifically, Creatures of Light in an ocean of light. And, judging from Evolution, school leaver’s achievements and ever improving Olympic performances, we incrementally grow in ability. Whatever will become of us?
And …our personal brief life electromagnetic broadcasts, scientifically speaking, persist until the end of days; and affect the entire universe.  So – let us make them count.  

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