Thirty days has September, April June and November… So, this morning I move my wristwatch date on to The First of October; the last quarter of 2012; time for the USA Presidential election; and the end of the UK’s political Party season when our would-be great leaders and statesmen argue hotly day after day about bus-passes for pensioners.


Cameron, Obama, Romney, Miliband, Clinton, Balls, Osborne and hordes of others. What these World Statesmen and Stateswomen ignore is that today is also the tipping point, the point of no return for Climate Change for the seven billion people on the planet. And that there is $21 trillion in tax-havens – enough cash to pay all deficits, switch to renewable energy and create sustainable 21st Century jobs for everyone who wants to join the money-economy.  

 But they do have a lot of clutter on their minds; and the acute minds of floating voters to win. A hundred years after one of the most infamous lessons of mankind’s hubris, Titanic, politicians prefer to bicker amongst themselves rather than look out ahead, as we sink into chaos and go round in circles.

Our Great Leaders should reset their long term destination compasses, draw the shortest route and map out the steps necessary to get us there. They can delegate the Pensioners-Bus-Pass issue and instead wake up to reality by reading in OUT OF THE DEPTHS  what will happen when the London Underground Passenger Tube System floods as the River Thames overflows its embankments into Parliament Square. While the characters are fictional, the scenario and science is real – and the Thames Flood Barrier is officially predicted to be overwhelmed any time now.

By the way – the extra water, the raised sea level, will be very cold – and full of massive icebergs from the polar seas. So, wrap up well.

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