EIG – My own theory of everything, my TOE, speculates that every part of the universe, from the smallest Planck sphere to the largest sphere of the Observable Universe, are dynamic ever-changing unique holographic copies of the entire universe – and all things in the universe, including ourselves. These holographs are at every scale and are real spheres of real energy – light waves energy – constantly expanding due to Hubble Red-Shift Expansion. In this Field of Light, my Aether-Matrix (which is undeniably demonstrable), I speculate that the expansion creates attenuation, slight vacuums, that attract or allow light to flow in, where some waves collide and combine to make fundamental particles, the primary particles of matter. This field is hugely energetic, made as it is from the signals or waves from all obervable phenomena and activity in the whole universe, at every scale, that in-form and re-form the field from moment to moment. It may be the same field that Professor Higgs and Co seek at CERN. Are the primary particles Higgs Bosons? It is energetic enough to power space flight. (Read more Expansion is Gravity, EIG, on my website – and at

“Where’s the Sci-Fi?” one of my uncountable numbers of readers demands of this Future Fact and Fiction blog.  So here’s some seriously hard Sci-Fi or, as AD2516 – After Global Warming claims to be realistically based on today’s science, it might actually be Future Fact.

The heroes of AD2516 embark on a thirty-six hour, sixty billion kilometer journey to the Kuiper Belts at the edge of the solar-system. As they walk towards the ship, Queen Yamoussaka the Third, The Queen to her friends – Sebastian Huggins, a New Yorker from 1999, defrosted after 500 years suspension in an Arctic glacier, argues with a modern young Citizen, Michael Michael Michaelson known as “EmmSon”:
“It’s a flying-saucer. It’s damn well a flying-saucer!” exclaimed Sebastian; the first of the astonished three to find words.
“No. No. Not a flying saucer. It’s a Space-Chimney…” called EmmSon over his shoulder, hurrying towards it.
Ahead of them was a seriously large, seriously heavy, seriously expensive, serious piece of very serious high-technology. It was definitely round and very, very like an upturned saucer with a five-metre deep, rounded rim. Its surface was neither metal nor carbonate. It was seamless; try as he might, Joe, with all his engineering experience, couldn’t see the joins. It was slightly domed in the centre. It rested its immense weight on ten short legs with fat padded feet, precisely positioned on perfectly level piles, each polished and ground to reflective brilliance. Under the shadow of the craft dozens of cables and tubes snaked up, or down, from or into the ground. It hummed with power. They could feel energetic vibrations coursing through them as they came nearer and nearer; and found they had to look upwards the closer they came.
“…It’s immense!” gasped Sebastian, still the spokesman. His eyes were wide and staring.
Even the Citizens were awe-struck and silent. The machine had a presence. It had a life and identity of its own. It felt as if it was watching them approach. Even in the bright morning sun it did not reflect the light. The sunbeams seemed to be absorbed into the surface, which consequently was difficult to see with clarity. The machine opened underneath and extended a wide staircase towards its guests, now huddled like tiny ants in the shade of a resting discus. The stairs rolled invitingly upwards. Their feeling of being observed by a very big and very conscious entity increased.
“The danged thing’s alive,” whispered Joe, “And as big as a goddamned aircraft carrier.” He absently took Sarah’s hand into protective custody – and she was very pleased to comply with the arrest.
One of the crew explains how The Queen crosses the solar-system at such great speed:
…The young woman continued at a fast pace “…The rim is also the main space drive – when we switch the chimney on…”
“…on the top of the rim are laser beams placed close together so that when its rotating a seamless column of coherent light – the chimney – beams upwards…”
A graphic of a disk with separate lights at its rim shining fiercely out into space was flashed on screen.
“…The beams are magnetically polarised to attract all and any particles within the chimney to the “walls” of light. This creates an internal vacuum relative to the external pressure and the chimney effect is created.”
“…under The Queen, the rim has lasers that form a cone of light which is polarised the opposite way – to attract particles making the zone beneath the ship of a higher pressure than the ambient external pressure – and far higher than the vacuum in the chimney above.”
“The Chimney reaches out without losing its focus or polarity for a quarter of a million miles. So the “top” of the chimney is about as far away as the Moon. Any questions so far?” she challenged her audience, impatient to get this over with. No-one dared to delay the presentation.
“…Hence the concept of a smoke-stack chimney which joins the high pressure ground air with the lower pressure air at its top, creating an upward flow. Burning fuel at the bottom increases the flow as the warmed air is less dense. The Queen’s lasers do the same job but instead of air flow, what sits in the chimney is the space-craft itself…”
And, sceptical though you may be, gentle reader, this Space-Chimney-Drive is based on current techniques to ionise and positively or negatively charge a laser beam. The rest, as they say, is history; just mere mechanical details – and a little real Sci-Fi.  
The Space-Chimney invention is of course fully patented. – Noel Hodson, Oxford.
Read the book and know the future. You will very much enjoy it.

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