Entropy is the flow of heat from hot to cold. The almost infinite universe, outer space, is very, very cold.
All recognised scientists accept that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, proving and supplying the calculations that heat always flows from hot to cold places, is irrefutable and inevitably leads to the heat death of the entire universe. They actually mean the cold death, as “entropy” disperses and dissipates all heat, heat sources and all congregations of matter.
The entropic end of the universe, albeit in many billions of years’ time, is a cold dispersed soup of lifeless particles, evenly distributed throughout the infinity of space-time, at or near the minimum possible temperature of -273 degrees Centigrade ( zero degrees Kelvin). These are the coldest of cold ashes after all stars, and we, have burned away. The proposed Higgs Field, the source of all concentrated matter and thus of heat, would also lose its powers, if heat death visits. There will be no more phenomena.
Numbers of great Victorian geniuses arrived at the logical mathematics of entropy. The later discoveries, mathematics and definitions of the four fundamental forces: Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear forces have confirmed that the end of all things does indeed lie in Entropy. The theorists who discovered The Big Bang, from the ultimate congregation of energy and matter at the Beginning of Time, which exploded from a White Hole to create our Universe, and the thousands of physicists who apply Quantum Theory and particle physics to work in real life, including Professor Higgs, all believe in the heat death. Even the handsome professor, Dr Brian Cox, happily informs his TV audiences that the entire universe is doomed, doomed, doomed by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics remorselessly extrapolated to the whole universe; is a theory of ultimate despair.
Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906, by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics. Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously.” In sum, thermodynamics, what many consider to be the most intellectually difficult subjects of all, is noted for its prevalence of suicides and suicide attempts by a large percentage of its founders, including German physicist and physician Robert Mayer, Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, American physical chemist Gilbert Lewis, among others.
But, I think applying entropy to everything, forever is wrong. It is incomplete. It is based on flawed evidence and the conclusions of suicidal depressed thinkers. The counter-evidence is all around us, everywhere, all the time; but science chooses to ignore it. Energy and matter do congregate, counter to entropic flows.
The basic theories and arguments depend on how we define the universe. Is it OPEN, which means it is ever expanding and will end in heat death? Is it CLOSED, which takes us back to The Big Crunch, annihilating all matter and energy? Or is it FLAT, which means it trundles on quietly regenerating itself as old galaxies fly off beyond our sight?
My view, recently arrived at, is that it is DYNAMIC. The universe is a “living” cyclic and regenerating field.

I think the universe is a coherent pattern of energy, of electro-magnetic energy or light that forms the “Aether-Matrix” from the intercepting light waves that demonstrably, irrefutably and conclusively occupy every imaginable “holographic” sphere of all sizes on every scale throughout the universe. These spheres, each filled with a unique picture of the entire universe, consist of light waves. The diverse images of the whole universe that the spheres contain are limited by their diameters as compared to the wavelengths of the light signals. Long waves do not fit into short spheres. 

This Aether-Matrix, equivalent to The Higgs Field, is continually re-formed and in-formed by every event in the universe, including human activity. We can detect and measure these changes with our present radio receivers and radio telescopes. For example, our mobile phone and TV signals are broadcast into the Aether-Matrix and they re-form and in-form the holographs in the spheres. To most thoughtful persons, this matrix is incontrovertible as radio signals fill the universe. Where I introduce controversy is that I conjecture, along with 0.00001% of respected scientists, that light has a very slight mass, it has weight, it is capable of making matter. This conversion is what The Higgs Boson allegedly does.  I also think. heretically, that the DYNAMIC universe alters its hallowed Constants; by mutually adjusting feedback, mitigated by the mysterious force of Inertia.

The most obvious evidence against the rule of endless entropy is ourselves; the human being. We are warm congregations of atoms, molecules, DNA and cells full of seawater. We are dissipative creatures who collect sunlight and trace elements and mould them into a pattern, a pattern we do not know the source of. It is not simply DNA, which, if traced back via ovum within ovum within ovum vanishes into a sphere smaller than the Planck length in about 1760. Nothing can be smaller than Planck’s length – other than maybe a black hole. Size matters.

Life is ubiquitous. Wherever science looks it finds life and organisation. Life is counter to entropy. There is a Lifeforce that organises random energies and particles. And, if you are of the odd eccentric mind that classifies life as an aberration, as a random accident, or as unproven – look at the original dust from the Big Bang, which has formed organised particles, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, galaxies, and galactic groups. At the stage of our present knowledge; with 80% of matter “missing” and the Higgs Boson whizzing in and out of existence before you can say “light” – there is no solid argument for an OPEN universe, ever expanding to its ultimate entropic doom, doom, doom.

Scientists have no need to commit suicide. We live and thrive in a DYNAMIC universe, infinitely capable of regenerating life, organisation, heat and power; Higgs may just have found the source of organisation – for quantum physics. There is a great future ahead of us. Nil Desparandum.
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