Please read this essay with empty space, outer space, in mind. It ought to be a dark sphere of space, extremely cold – just a few degrees above absolute zero ( −273 °C is zero degrees Kelvin) of any size, far from Earth, and as empty of matter as space can be; which is approximately five hydrogen molecules per cubic metre. Now, travel to the centre of that lonely, cold, lifeless, empty space – open your eyes and look around the sphere – and you will see the whole astonishing, magnificent, shining Universe. Your empty space is filled with Light, broadcast by all the galaxies, stars and phenomena that exist. You can see them because they broadcast, they send out, sphere’s of light waves; some in your visible spectrum, others as X-rays, infra-red, ultra-violet, radio, long-waves, short-waves and every type of waves imaginable. Your empty space is criss-crossed, cross-hatched with trillions of energetic light or electro-magnetic waves. The whole universe presents itself to you in that sphere. The only waves you cannot detect are those too large to fit into your sphere or into your viewing equipment. Casimir found that when a gap between two flat plates excludes large wavelengths, it causes a pressure deficit and the outer complete wavelengths press the plates together; the Casimir effect may stabilise the large and small spheres of the holographic Aether Matrix; and add to gravity within matter.   The majority of the images you detect are accurate, reliable and repeatable. The signals retain their unique identities, their special information, across billions of light-years and trillions of trillions of kilometres. You are occupying a holographic image of the universe made from waves of pure energy that illuminate you and any other objects in that “empty” sphere.
Now, quit that zone. Zip through hyperspace for a few million light years to another empty space; stop and look at the Universe.  It’s the same Universe you are seeing, but from a different angle. The holographic images of the same objects are different. Each viewing zone differs; each is unique. You have discovered that empty space is not empty. You are experiencing the universal Aether-Matrix, made of Light.  Now read on:
As explored in my previous speculative essays, why and how all matter and energy attempts to “fall” to the centre of mass – be it The Sun, the Earth, the Galaxy, or yourself, is not understood, but is the fundamental proven, observed fact of gravity. This constant in-falling, compelled by the weakest force (gravity is a billion, billion, billion, billion times weaker than magnetism) is an unsolved scientific mystery; until today.
Although very weak, gravity is persistent, cannot be shielded and reaches to infinity. Magnetism is very strong, can be shielded, with lead for example, and has a short reach. We all experience these two forces, are created by them and we use them at every moment of every day. Nuclear binding forces are very, very powerful, can be shielded, and act at very, very short distances across atoms.
I think that perhaps: Light waves are forged into the primary fundamental particles “Fractals” that revolve as vortices in the light field, the Aether-Matrix. Fractals concentrate a large sphere of pure energy dictated by E=MC2 (energy = mass x light-speed x light-speed) Einstein’s famous equation to demonstrate that matter and energy are opposite sides of the same coin and that light cannot go faster than 300,000 km/s. We do not know how Light is concentrated into particles but we have often converted particles back into Light – in atom and hydrogen bombs – with truly spectacularly bright results that show in reverse just how much Light was locked up in the uranium or other fissionable material. Matter is compressed Light (electro-magnetic waves). These tiny Fractals combine to make particles, atoms, stars and planets – that have gravity.
Fractals have a surface revolving at 90 billion k/s, have cleared a huge area of the energy field around them, which is re-filled by in-falling energy, and are expanding due to Hubble expansion at the minuscule rate of 6.819E-19 % per second  (0.000,000,000,000,000,000,681,9 %) The spinning surfaces repel each other, the in-falling energy attracts each other – which create the underlying dynamic Inertia of the material Universe – where things, phenomena, are robust and persist.
Two revolving Fractals meeting in the partial, Hubble-expanding void, caused by their creation from energy, revolve around each other. They have a common centre of revolution and their orientation or Inertia, aligns. A third Fractal joins and the focal point of revolution shifts; then a fourth and fifth join – and so on. To exist, the Fractals need to draw in energy, which is freely available in our almost infinite Universe. As Fractals congregate, they block each other’s access to the energy – but their Space continues to expand, creating voids which are filled by other in-falling Fractals. We have Gravity. Expansion IS Gravity.
For a body such as a Star, a Planet or a simple rock to continue to have gravity, where all particles seek to fall to the centre (of gravity), Hubble Expansion must be continuous, which it is; and for the cycle to persist the in-falling mass (material and energy) must have an outlet. The gravitating body must be a dissipative system – otherwise gravity stops; it seizes up. My new idea is that all gravitating bodies do expel mass. We detect this reverse flow as energy waves and dust – from the Sun, from all stellar bodies and from ourselves; we broadcast legible unique identifiable radio waves and emit heat, as long as we are alive.
My guess is that the in-falling energy is balanced by the out-flowing energy – and that the differential in the rate of in-flow and out-flow and the time differences between integration and disintegration of mass enables the existence, for a time, of the body or phenomena (phenomena or “things” include pebbles, trees and thoughts – thoughts are tangible packets of energy). This reverse flow manifests as energetic events, which broadcast their presence as waves in expanding spheres; Light waves, that fill the Aether-Matrix with holograms of the entire Universe, even in the so-called “empty” space of outer-space.
Thus the cycle of gravitation is continuous. The Aether-Matrix of Light, which is the fundamental stuff of the Universe, evolves continuously as the reverse flow of energy from integrated phenomena in-forms and re-forms the Aether-Matrix. Like that most unlikely minuscule recording material, DNA, the blueprint for weak and feeble creatures such as we humans, which can retain legible data for millions of years, science knows that the broadcast radio signals from all things – from atoms to worms to black-holes (Hawking radiation) – are indestructible and fill the entire universe. This dynamic energetic feedback creates new templates, which create new forms, which evolve constantly.


LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dmvCsQly2c 
QED – for now. 

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