THE SCIENCE DELUSION – by Rupert Sheldrake – Hodder & Stoughton – 2012
Bravely, heroically and largely uncomplainingly, for the past seven days I have laughed in the face of death and personal oblivion, from my sick-bed, laid low by man-flu. To coerce me into at least peeking from the covers – and maybe into sitting up unaided – my wife went to Blackwell’s Bookshop and bought The Science Delusion by the celebrated scientist, biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake.
THE BOOK HAS REVITALIZED ME – I have found it easy to read, so far, firstly because it is well written and secondly because I largely agree with its principle tenets and have had no need to wrestle with every idea and factoid in every sentence. As I continue to cruise through the author’s habit forming pathways, as he treads a virgin path confidently through the chaos of the universe towards understanding and sanity that others will more easily follow, it occurs to me that he must have been reading my e-notes on Life, The Universe and Everything and been inspired by my ideas. Or, contrariwise, could it possibly be that I have read some of Professor Sheldrake’s many books, papers, articles or their reviews – and that I have been influenced by him?
The book is searching for scientific consciousness, continuity, meaning, sanity and balance in disciplines that have, in my words, dreamed up eccentric, desperate and non-demonstrable ideas such as: genes that allegedly run humans (and all life-forms) instead of being co-ordinated and employed by us; robot life-forms, allegedly without Will, volition, intelligence or purpose; the heat-death universe, illogically extrapolated from Victorian steam engines, supposedly rendering everything and all actions meaningless; bizarre Strings, Branes and Multiverses (as many as 10 followed by 500 zero’s) extrapolated from runaway, feverish, mathematical algorithms that could never be tested in any universe however many eternities they offer; studies by self-professed intelligent humans that deny the existence of intelligent humans – etc. Theory has lost its way. The scientific consensus – immersed in one hundred and fifty year old paradigms about materialism, atheism, dead matter, ultimate entropy (no more heat, everything dead and useless), the non-existence of life forms (look out behind you!) and much other nonsense – needs to find new directions.
I see the book as systematically restraining the outmoded mad scientists and moping up their soggy, overflowing minds – however influential they currently are – and as seeking ways out of the blind canyons and impasses into which they have blindly herded thought.  The author says that he is putting forward scientific heresies which only those who have won their Nobel Prizes and are fully retired dare to explore and (my words) face the maniacal wrath of the censorious consensus. I have both received all the Nobel Prizes I will ever win – and am so old and irrelevant as to be immune from peer-group bullying in science.  (NB – Zero Nobel Prizes and I’ve never been a scientist)
It is a most readable book that all scientists, thinkers and observers will benefit from. I recommend it. 
You will have to read the book to know where this fits in – but responding to Prof, Sheldrake’s plea for the shortest possible communbicatons, I have written:
Dear Professor Rupert Sheldrake,

I am enjoying your book, The Science Delusion, and have reviewed it on my blog.

Morphic Resonance and Habits: 

My testable ideas about legible recorded patterns or templates for seeds, souls and eggs, rely on the “The Aether-Matrix” which physically, demonstrably consists of “holographic” electro-magnetic reproductions of the entire universe and all processes, reproduced in, for example, spheres, on all scales – excluding only wavelengths too large for a chosen sphere. We are able to see or detect things, ourselves, others, thoughts and processes, only because they all broadcast their location, identity and activity in legible waves. There is no sphere or zone in “empty” space where, with suitable instruments, we cannot observe a unique view of the entire universe, its parts and all relationships. Such accurate “holographs” of the whole are constantly re-formed and in-formed by all universal activity. The electro-magnetic signals are thought to expand to the limits of the observable universe.  Your thoughts at this second are broadcasting across the universe and are altering The Aether-Matrix. These broadcasts theoretically never die. I suspect that Inertia is the sum of relationships between all existing (Habits) and new broadcasts. Other forces and measures, including universal constants, are adjusted by their interactions.
We now (Feb 2013.) know that DNA alters continually, hour by hour, through epigenetics, and those chemical drivers are in turn subject to magnetic fields; and we know that a spec of DNA can record and replay the Bible, Shakespeare and the Collected Works of Richard Dawkins, for millennia.  We also know that we all swim in a communal soup of DNA swapping and splicing – irrespective of sexual congress, gender or species.  (By the way – I wound back the 2012 ovum within the ovum within the ovum to find it shrinks beyond the Planck minimum in 1770 – Did the universe start in 1770 – do you think?).
I suspect that your Morphic Resonance manifests as a set of structured matrices within the Aether-Matrix that hold the ever evolving templates for Forms.  And that the Morphic Resonance creates and holds structured waveforms which are the electrical scaffolding for simple and complex emergent forms – including people.

23 summary slides at: LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 2011:
Background notes at:

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