“How is pure energy converted to matter?”
Oobleck is corn starch mixed with water. It is a strange Non-Newtonian Fluid mixture that when hit with force, say by a hand or a foot slapping down on it, instantly hardens. It stiffens so rapidly that Oobleck is being investigated as a liquid armour – to stop bullets and bomb blasts. Scientists speculate that a fast runner could run across the surface of a pool of Oobleck water, as long as the downward slap of feet is fast enough to cause the stiffening reaction.
“Ordinary” pure water is legendary for its almost unique counter-intuitive diverse forms – ice, liquid, structured water, steam and as super-cooled water climbing glass walls; manifesting strange properties, which most of us are familiar with – and thus take for granted. Water also becomes rigid (when cooled) and thick old ice is as capable of stopping bullets as is Oobleck.
We are aware that most if not all materials exist in different states depending on temperature and pressure – from lava to quicksand to diamond to liquid nitrogen to black holes to clay and so on. 
We are less aware that Light – the entire electro-magnetic spectrum – also may exist in different forms. Light has been slowed down and even stopped – or at least slowed a million fold – and re-started.
There is a 2007 theory that Light could become a solid.
But to date solid light remains a theory – if we exclude the photon /wave paradox. Are photons “solid” light? However, it is axiomatic and so self-evident that it is rarely stated, that light is the fundamental stuff of the universe. Everything is made of light and this can be clearly demonstrated in clean nuclear explosions, where uranium and other fissionable materials are completely released to return to their light form – with an E=MC2 flash and sound wave that destroys every structure within range. As the fundamental building block, light must logically (1) have some mass and (2) act as a Non-Newtonian fluid does in order to take forms such as the almost eternal proton. 
Light is the ultimate ephemeral gaseous unbounded penetrable, permeable field – and – is the most rigid structured element in the universe. 
Do the light waves form the infinite field? Are photons the particles of matter that can link to become impenetrable crystalline structures?
Accepting “C” 300,000 KPS, as the limit of propagation of light – and the speed limit of all else in the universe; applying E=MC2to a gram of matter which is attempting to reach and exceed “C” resolves to the answer that the gram of matter has acquired infinite mass and cannot be accelerated any faster than light-speed. 
To the accelerating gram, the universe has become an impenetrable, immovable, infinitely heavy field which cannot permit anything to move through it. Is this “wall”, which is encountered at 300,000 KPS, the equivalent of the hand slap on the surface of a pool of Oobleck? Does “C” applied to the universal field of light convert the light, this most mysterious fluid, into one of its many characteristic forms and functions?
I think we ought to accept for the next phase of scientific speculation that light is both waves and particles – we have no understanding of how or why but the wavicle theory has been rigorously tested and observed for 100 years and not yet disproved. So, it could be taken, at least for the next hundred years, as an axiom, a fundamental fact of nature. Regarding light as the basic stuff and fluid of the universe and allowing it to manifest as waves and as particles, it becomes a fluid ocean in which all things swim. We happily accept the five or six diverse forms of water or hydrogen or iron, how much more easily should we accept that light has different forms?  If so, light could be the Aether-Matrix, fluid enough to be an oceanic field which enables and permits all radio communications – which emit from and are absorbed by all phenomena – and rigid enough to record all broadcast data (from all phenomena at all times) and rigid enough to create the structure and permanence, the inertia of the world around us, which we all undeniably experience, from stars and galaxies to abandoned beer bottles.
Taking light as the Aether-Matrix, we can speculate that an energetic event, the alleged Big-Bang for example, creates and propels a perfect sphere of light waves – which expands in accordance with Hubble observations. The massless, spherical wave races out towards the terrifying oblivion of the Dimensionless No-Thing “outside” of our universe – stretching and attenuating its own, probably sentient, energy field as it propagates. The edge of oblivion, of non-existence, and its “internal” partial vacuum of attenuation, causes the wave to pause or slow its headlong flight. This pause limits the rate of propagation to the now familiar 300,000 KPS. God, or Richard Dawkins, who has initiated the first wave, now sends or triggers a second wave which follows the first at infinite speed, until the second wave collides with the hesitant first wave and it too slows to the universal speed limit. In this collision, the front wave and following wave intermingle and where they cross, vortices form and where the vortices form, there are made photons. In no time at all, the (expanding) universe is full of energy waves propagating or vibrating at 300,000 KPS – and is full of photons that do have slight mass.
As the (sentient) endless nested energy spheres expand from the centre of the energetic event (God or Dawkins) to create the basic universal electro-magnetic field, the vast numbers of photons gain new impetus and more energy as the waves pass by. The photons are essentially, relatively static fundamental indestructible particles (of slight mass) which are illuminated by the expanding waves.  When examined in laboratory experiments, new energetic events, expanding as spheres, energise in-situ photons in the existent Aether-Matrix, on all sides of the central event, e.g. heating a filament in a light bulb – and thus the photons appear to be moving apart at twice the “speed of light”.  Einstein’s “Spooky action at a Distance”. QED

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