Wrestling again with the mystery of how the “pure energy” at the Big Bang is converted into matter, I now think that the light wave particle duality paradox is a basic characteristic of the universe. It has recently occurred to me that there is 100 years of experimental demonstration of the electromagnetic wave particle existing, not least as shown by the double-slit experiment. We do not understand it – but we do regularly and repeatedly observe it. It is time to accept it as a proven scientific fact. There are many fundamental things that we observe but do not understand – and which we accept as facts. 
Light most probably can exist in several forms, between “pure” waves of energy and “solid” matter. I now think that the photon has some mass – it is not mass-less (weightless) and it is the primary building block of all matter.

( NB 16 May 2013 – Important thoughts:
The process of light expanding from the alleged Big-Bang, attenuating the dense, sentient light-field, and drawing back from the edge of annihilation as it “meets” the no-thing “outside” the universe – is perhaps the mechanism that limits and governs “the speed of light” – and is the mechanism that dictates light quanta, which we call light waves and photons. Are these processes partly mirrored and to be found by studying the local heliosphere/ heliopause, where the solar wind reaches the circumference or edge of our Solar System?  

  1. Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System

    Jun 10, 2011 – The barrier at the edge of our Solar System may not be the smooth shield that … At a briefing today, scientists said the finding is significant as “we now will …. here is a thought: The “shield” and or bow wave of our solar system …  )

If so, if light particles/ photons are fundamental entities of the universe, then I guess they occur at all points where light waves intersect. There are so many intersections of light waves in our observable universe (which is allegedly about 42 billion light years radius – from Earth – and 13.7 billion years old) that photons can be considered to be almost infinite in number (I know that “almost infinite” is illogical). They occur everywhere, even in the deepest, darkest, coldest, emptiest space – and, I now suppose, are activated and made visible by old and new energetic events, such as switching on a light – or a supernova – beaming out TV’s Dallas – or having a brainwave – broadcast from all phenomena, from the smallest sub atomic particle to colliding galaxies – and from every part of every life form. Life forms such as our minuscule but complex selves.

The universe is filled with electromagnetic, light, radio waves – which convey their own separate, legible, concrete, detailed data across the universe,  for many billions of years. This dynamic, ever changing, ever expanding, energy field or set of fields is the basic stuff of the universe. Some mechanism, which might be the Higgs, compresses or compressed the energy to make primary particles. 

Given the unique intersections between all wavelengths – at unique angles, unique colours/ wavelengths, unique data, – at every point in the universe, every photon is unique. Each is different, with at the least a unique location.

Which leads me to the vexed question of identity.

In such a very large universe, stuffed full of very small things such as ourselves and atoms – how can we, or anything, have a unique identity? Speculative higher mathematics as applied to particle physics and cosmology may give us clues. The extraordinary and rare practitioners of the art offer us multi-verses, string-theory, theorems with 10 or more, even infinite, dimensions and other extravaganza. But perhaps all things do indeed have multiple dimensions and multiple existences. How, for example, might you or I be identified?
What are our personal universal co-ordinates? How could we be located and defined by a super-intelligent alien? We have 1. Length,   2. Breadth, 3. Height and 4. Weight/Mass; we have 4. antecedents stretching back to the beginning of time; we have personal unique 5. pasts and 6. futures; we exist for a 7. span of time; we 8. walk and jet about on the Earth; we spin fast with the 9. Earth’s spin; we hurtle round the 10. Sun, which hurtles round the 11. galaxy, which hurtles round the 12. universal disc; we consume 13. information, 14. energy, 15. air, 16. water and 17. food woven from sunshine, processing about 40 tonnes per lifetime; we 18. age and change in reliably predictable ways; we 19. receive, 20. repackage and publish or 21. broadcast data from our brains – as electromagnetic waves; and last but not least – we 22. reproduce; NOT ourselves and not by ourselves alone but in cooperation with a mate we produce another unique human or humans. We have 23. names. At a quick glance we each have 23 dimensions or identifiers – and there are many more. 23 variables allow up to 26,000 billion billion individuals. We are probably unique things in this vast universe. 
I also think we make and leave a unique and permanent record in the universal energy field. 
We have very complex identities and locations. Photons also have their unique characteristics. They are the building block of all things, and each photon is demonstrably unique. 

How does the universe really work – and create life?

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