Dear Mr President,

Thanks for your letter. We sing from the same hymn sheet on Climate Change. I have been banging this drum since 1985, promoting Telecommuting to cut about 20% of cars and Foodtubes to cut 50% of freight vehicles (The USA must invest in FOODTUBES now to avoid disappointment). 

Good luck with your battle with the rigidly calcified minds in Congress.

Read the book and buy a boat or build an Ark.

Best wishes  – Noel

PS – And thanks for your several invitations to lunch. Yes, we’d love to come to The White House. Do we board Air Force One at Heathrow? 

28th JUNE 13 – Would you believe the speed of response!  See flights and hotel booking below. And he’s such a busy man. Incredible. Washington here we come.

26 June 2013
The White House
Washington DC

Noel —

I told Congress in February that if they didn’t take action to fight climate change, then I would.

Today, I announced a plan of action to make good on that promise.

My administration is taking steps to cut carbon pollution, prepare our nation for the unavoidable impact of climate change, and put America’s best and brightest to work to solve this issue on a global scale.

One thing we know is we’ll face a well-organized and well-financed opposition by the special interests that profit from keeping things the way they are — and there are members of Congress who fundamentally deny the science on this issue.

But we cannot stand by any longer.

I need to know you’ll fight alongside me. Say you will.

Over the next few months and years, I’m going to need the millions of OFA supporters who understand that we have a responsibility to future generations to fight climate change to join me, and be a force of change in your communities.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to take action — and now is the time.

Today, I’m here to tell you I am committed to doing my part.

Say you’ll do yours:




25 JUNE 2013

Letter to The Guardian

Even if the 16 nose to tail buses you photographed blockading Oxford Street, were clean 1950’s electric Trolley Buses, (North Circular tops list of London’s most polluted roads – 24 June 2013) their bulk, noise and manoeuvring would still threaten the pedestrians, 29,000 of whom die annually from exhaust fumes. We daily mirror this insane bus gridlock, on London Road, Oxford, incidentally despatching weaker students and reducing the surplus population. 1980-90s discussions with GEC-UK proposed all buses and lorries be stopped at Ring Road stations; pedestrians, luggage and shopping carried in and out on industrial strength walkway-conveyors; really safe cycle lanes; and goods in and waste out via buried pipeline-capsules – all electric powered – clean, lean, lightweight and green transport. Contrary to dogged Victorian elderly nostalgic economists, buses, lorries and trains are the least green and most costly transport options; as they use 85% of their polluting fuel to move their own empty, immense weight.
Noel Hodson, Oxford
SW2000 Telework Studies

The Foodtubes Freight Project.

Organizing for Action
26th June 2013
Noel —

Sometimes these contests can seem a little cheesy.

But it boils down to this: We’re doing it because President Obama says over and over again that he loves meeting with grassroots supporters.

So why not take a shot?

Airfare and hotel are on us — all you have to do to enter is throw your name in the hat today:



Grant Campbell
Chief of Staff
Organizing for Action

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