28 JUNE 2013. HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS – “Dynamic” comes from the Greek for power and energy and is now understood as being energy in motion – energy at work. “Dynamic” is attached to dozens of concepts including many scientific disciplines, such as Quantum electrodynamics, a description of how matter and light interacta definition which also cites “quantum”, possibly the most overused, abused and misunderstood word in the Sci-Fi dictionary.
“Constants” – particularly universal constants, in science refer to the most reliable factors underlying or governing the 4 fundamental forces and their interactions. Mathematicians brew their magic potions based on the main constants and the fine-constants that seem to magically exist in Nature’s or God’s Universe and to equally magically interrelate and interact to provide “The Goldilocks Conditions” which are precisely just right to create the universe and living conditions for the very fragile human race. Constants are claimed to be just that – constant, unchanging, reliable, unquestionable and, for lazy thinkers, God Given.
But, they are not. Constants are neither constant nor mystically ordained. All scientific and mathematical constants are measurements made by humans.
E.G. Constants:
Pi, the endless number π results from dividing the circumference (outline) of a circle by its diameter (centre edge to edge line) which is 22/7 =3.142… receding endlessly as far as anyone or our computers can calculate. Magically inspired? No. Ancient Greek scientists drew hundreds of circles, drew lines through their centres and measured. Eventually they agreed that the ratio between the lines in all circles is 22 divided by 7 – and unfathomably ascribed the 16thletter of their alphabet “P”, written π which also means the number 80. 
Other ancient Greeks measured thousands of triangles and concluded the 3 angles always add to 180o – except that they don’t; other than on flat surfaces which don’t exist on curved planets.
The universal gravitational constant was famously discovered by the genius Isaac Newton (1642-1727) who arrived at it by measurement and calculation – the force of gravity is now counted in “Newtons” which is the weight of a small apple.
Max Planck (1858-1947) – who we can blame for the word “quantum” and who from measuring heat from lumps of iron (black body radiation) discovered or defined the smallest possible object in the universe, 1.61619926 × 10-35 metres (0.0 with 34 zeros before the 16161 etc)across, when measuring heat flying off hot irons. He realized the heat came in steps or chunks, not in a smooth gradient as expected, and said the steps were quantities or “quanta” which became quantum – and then the smallest quantum became the energy of a single photon.
The fantastically accurate atomic clocks, used to coordinate telecoms satellites and to demonstrate Einstein’s General Relativity postulate that time mysteriously slows on accelerating objects and in heavier gravitational fields (acceleration = gravity), evolved from ancient timekeepers, which in turn were matched to observations of the Earth orbiting the Sun in 366 days, amended to 360 degrees /divisions of a circle and The Globe for arithmetical convenience. Most globes have 36 lines of Longitude, 360/10. Clocks and maps both use units of minutes and seconds – atomic clocks use nano-seconds and smaller units, all evolved from counting the days and hours. A “second” is currently agreed to be 9,192,631,770 of atomic transitions in caesium – which is not a universal constant, as time is proved to be relative – but it is a mathematical constant – man made as are all constants.
FLAT, OPEN, CLOSED, EXANDING, SHRINKING, SADDLE-SHAPED, INFINITE UNIVERSES – Science debates all the possible beginnings, ends, shapes, sizes and possibly infinite numbers of universes. Applying the Universal Constants to their sums, most scientists gloomily believe, with religious fervour, in the ultimate death of the universe, citing the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (based on Victorian steam engines) as inevitably leading to all things and all energy spreading out into a featureless cold soup of evenly spaced zero temperature (-273C) inert particles. “All is vanity. All is futile. It is all for nought”. They are wrong. 13.7 billion years of experience ought to tell them that dynamic energy and electromagnetic gravitational particles don’t follow their mathematical constructs; particularly calculations based on 80% to 90% unknown “missing” matter at both the sub-atomic and the galactic levels.
As Einstein demonstrated in his now proven Relativity theories, and as Lovelock theorises about Gaia’s feedback mechanisms here on Earth, it seems to me that all factors – at the micro and macro ends of the scale – are related. All energies and objects are relative and as the relationships change, so do the Universal Constants. Press one Universal Constant down hard – and another one rises. There is, I think, only one single universe which contains all phenomena from house bricks to Higgs to heaven and hell – and all things ephemeral. The Universal Constants shift as the universe evolves. It evolves through feedback from all emergent phenomena, all interactions and all data signals. Just as DNA has recently been discovered to be incredibly data-dense, far more so, I believe, are all the radio, electro-magnetic signals (Light) by which we know the universe. From the tiniest photons to the greatest supernovas to our neighbour’s brain, we would have no knowledge of them unless they electro-magnetically broadcast their presence. In that sense, everything has life, everything is evolving and, I aver, everything has meaning.
Whatever the universe does – expands, shrinks, turns somersaults, the Universal Constants alter, interact and manifest in the next generation universe. Energy, by its nature, does not do nothing. The fundamental “pure” energy of the universe is restless, probably sentient and has proved, for 13.7 billion years to be highly creative. To scotch the depressed heat-death prediction, science needs to ask itself about the unacknowledged force or forces that create life. Where does the organising Lifeforce, which creates organisms such as the human brain – and scientists – fit with the recognised four fundamental forces – Gravity, Electro-Magnetic, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear forces?
What part do we humans play in the evolution of our one and only universe, where as far as we know, we produce the most complex thing in the universe, the human brain – which is the organisation of  10 billion brain cells, 10 trillion brain connections and 100 trillion body cells – which all purposefully functions?  While our weak and feeble bodies only last for 70 years or so, I conjecture that from conception to disintegration we broadcast our presence – otherwise how could we be seen by others – by emitting light waves /radio broadcasts that like all radio waves propagate across the whole universe – and, logically, in-form and re-form the universal energy field/s. Our data broadcasts are almost eternal – like all such signals. We will not be eradicated by faulty extrapolation of the 2ndLaw of Thermodynamics. It is a dynamic universe.

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