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§                            05 August 2013 by Michael Brooks
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As for the past 50 years, I am most grateful to New Scientist’s excellent contributors who translate, condense and interpret the impenetrable papers of deep science and render it accessible to me; as does Michael Brooks on 3rd August, writing on entangled photons and quantum conundrums.
Starting, as Michael Brooks does, with half-mirrors or beam-splitters, which create two entangled outgoing photons from one incoming photon; it is surely time for a new perspective of the 100 year old puzzle of “spooky action at a distance”. It is explicable if the energetic causation event is, as we know it in fact is, a radio broadcast which creates an expanding sphere of identifiable, thus data carrying, waves which expand into a pre-existing structured Aether-Space-Time energy field (Aether-Matrix). Similar to the telephone and electricity carrier waves along wires exciting in-situ electrons, the expanding sphere (say one photon power) excites in-situ nodes in the Aether-Matrix, which like stem cells can be moulded to a variety of identities; depending on the information in the expanding, energetic wave-form sphere – in this case forming those virgin nodes into what we observe as photons. Thus, at any point on or in the expanding sphere, when we look, we see photons. We find photons on one side of the sphere apparently moving but in fact propagating and illuminating nodes in situ at the speed of light; and equally find photons on the opposite side of the expanding sphere propagating at the speed of light in the opposite direction. These photons are in fact apparently moving apart at twice the speed of light, though what is moving are the broadcast waves from the original event. The broadcast is what we observe – the broadcast is what we “see” that informs us about the particle (or of any phenomena in the universe).

When we observe or measure a “photon”, or any similar sub-atomic particle, we are actually intercepting and impacting the radio (light) broadcasting sphere. Our interception changes the characteristics of the expanding waves – and thus of the equal and opposite “entangled” particle that is racing away from its twin at twice the speed of light. They are both travelling in opposite directions at the speed of light. We alter the wave on one side of the sphere – a field – which immediately changes the waves on the other side. – QED.

For virgin nodes to exist in the Aether-Matrix, in the “pure and formless” energy that most physics insist underlies all phenomena, we can imagine, and find in fact, intersecting broadcast spheres of waves from all phenomena, from every energetic event, from sub-atomic to super novae to human thoughts. It is these almost infinite numbers of intersecting waveforms that structure the universal Aether-Matrix fundamental energy field – which science has omitted to factor in since Einstein. The Aether-Matrix is constantly in-formed and re-formed by all events – and because it is a field, not bounded, the information is available in all zones of the field. Let’s celebrate the not so dumb Victorian’s Aether.

Because the Aether-Matrix irrefutably exists – it must, to conduct the propagation of your favourite episode of Coronation Street to the horizon of the observable universe; and all the great thoughts of the whole human race and our vitally important mobile phone messages – and because of Hubble Expansion – the mathematics of an original energetic event impacting on eagerly anticipatory virgin-nodes as spherical broadcasts passing at (propagating at) the speed of light spin the nodes on their axis as the universe constantly expands; are complicated. Not hidden, not unknowable to we humans who are ourselves woven from this stuff; not requiring an infinite number of universes and indefinable dimensions, but very complicated. But then, so are our brains very complicated – and there are billions of us – so we are probably up to the task. More thought is required.
Michael Brooks’s report on non-causality using the deceptively simple but logic-maze-like Bob and Alice interactions, simply panics me as did; 3 men with two buckets fill a bath in 4 days how long will it take… etc when I was five years old. So I will simply rely for now on human common sense – reliable because we are made of the mysterious stuff of the universe – that time flows forwards and events do have causes, and that we act wilfully and sometimes consciously and occasionally intelligently.
In between the spooky photons and the time travelling non-causal random sub-atomic world, Michael Brooks slips in a piece of utterly reliable, rock solid science – The Laws of Thermodynamics. I have no difficulty accepting that heat always flows from hot things to cold things everywhere in our extraordinary universe (let’s exclude black-holes for the moment). What is missing from these heat-flow theories however is the most obvious and most ignored fundamental force in the universe – The Life Force. We see it everywhere, but we dismiss it as an anomalous exception, an embarrassing temporary interloper that science has pitched out into the Exterior Darkness Where There Will Be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth. We have told the messy, intrusive Life-Force to Go to Hell. I recently looked at human conception and birth: a single fertilized cell multiplies itself in nine months into 2 trillion cells and organises itself into a human baby. Apart from the mind-boggling organisation involved – making 2 trillion cells requires collecting a lot of heat. Life condenses heat. The heat flows from cooler environments into warmer ones. In space, vast clouds of freezing cold gases comprised of shivering isolated little atoms drift together to make enormous stars that burst into flames, plasma and super-novae at temperatures beyond our imaginations. There is no scientific evidence that the “natural” or end state of our universe is a cold featureless soup – as allegedly forecast by the Laws of Thermodynamics. There is a mass of evidence to the contrary. Stuff in the universe from the merest wisps of quarks to colliding galaxies and at all stages between organise into structures and condense heat. The conditions for creation are the natural order of our universe. From these ever occurring hot-spots Life emerges. The Life Force is not factored into quantum theories. It is time it was.
There are other forces and phenomena that science chooses to bone-headedly exclude. Perhaps we humans are limited in the speed of our cooperative intellectual processing and absorption of and manipulation of new information and comprehension. The Greeks knew a thing or two; including that the Sun orbited the Earth – then 2,000 years later Renaissance thinkers risked burning at the stake to say the Planets go round the Sun; Isaac Newton figured out gravity and 400 years on we found the ancient Greeks were a bit right about atoms. Pause for breath, rest and reflection – and the next phase will come. But for now, to work our way through the blockade that The Quantum Theory posits – at least factor in The Aether-Matrix and The Life Force. They are both logically undeniable and scientifically testable. We need these new perspectives.  

PS – My big TOE, my Theory of Everything, is a speculation based on another largely ignored major factor that is probably a universal constant, Hubble Expansion. Named EIG – Expansion is Gravity; it is a theory to tackle the riddles of Gravity, Dark Energy and Dark Matter.     
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