Death of the Higgs
SADLY:- The HIGGS does not confer mass, says CERN; at least not much mass “approximately a fingernail of mass compared to the whole human body”

Letter to New Scientist – 7th September 2013.

Jon Butterworth’s Instant Expert,The Higgs Boson, New Scientist, 7 Sept 2013, is the clearest article I have read on The Higgs; and gives a good short summary of The Standard Model. He asks “What makes matter”?
My view is that there is no unbridgeable divide between energy and matter, micro and macro, there is a single universe and an organising principle which manifests in life forms and all phenomena – The Lifeforce.
Our daughter had a 34 weeks premature baby 11 days ago, which reminded me that a single fertilized ovum or cell, the size of a typed full-stop, drew energy from the mother to create and organize 2 trillion more cells and make a (very beautiful) new 4 lbs 10 oz life-form. He will grow into a 100 trillion celled, hairy 6ft 2in rugby prop forward and then an old man, like me; in the process of, say, 80 years, consuming 70 tons of food (energy) and several tons of air (energy) and an allegedly weightless amount of sunlight (which logically is not weightless). But, he will remain identifiable, as his template concentrates and dissipates these tons of energy.
It seems to me that all phenomena of every size, from Quarks to galaxies, are similarly dissipative organisations, governed by ever evolving universal templates. Where are these templates? I now think they exist and persist as data-dense (far more data-dense than DNA), legible radio (electromagnetic /light) waves in what pre-Einstein science called the Aether and which I now refer to as the Aether-Matrix.
The sentient baby “confers mass” on the energy it collects and integrates (all food is compressed sunlight) and dissipates, retaining enough energy to maintain its identity and integrity for 80 years – while every event in its body and brain, from quantum events, to thoughts, to punching the referee, are broadcast into the Aether-Matrix. These broadcasts are as legible and coherent as cell-phone signals, as TV and radio signals, as supernova signals. As they expand as globes from the site of any energetic event, these waves intersect with each other and with existing (older) waves in the universal energy field. These waves enable us to “see” the underlying event, the phenomena that caused the waves – from blazing Suns, quarks or so called single photons – we do not “see” the object, we detect/ receive its signal.
There is nowhere in space-time, in the entire universe, however apparently empty it may be, where we cannot see the entire universe, to the limits of our instruments. In any space sphere, from Planck’s minimum to the Observable Universe, each sphere is filled with a unique, “holographic”, radio-wave, data-dense “picture” of the whole, limited only by the size of sphere compared to the wavelengths observed. These holographs of cross hatched electromagnetic waves, constitute the Aether-Matrix, and, I think, hold the templates that govern and  in-form phenomena. Where the waves intersect, sub-atomic particles are formed; the type of particle we find at any such node depends on the characteristics of the waves. By following the creation by propagation of such particles, we trace a path and “see” a speeding particle – which is in fact a wave front. It is the gaps between waves and thus between nodes, that we define as the black-body quantum leap. 
As the baby broadcasts its presence, its signals in-form and re-form the dynamic, ever evolving Aether-Matrix. These radio forms reach to the limits of the universe and in human terms are eternal and remain legible “until the end of days”.
To complicate our view of the holographic Aether-Matrix and phenomenal universe, the whole is subject to Hubble-Expansion at every scale. If The Standard Model is, more realistically, re-imagined as consisting of broadcast electromagnetic spheres intersecting, instead of as particles, then Einstein’s spooky action at a distance, entangled particles, and our inability to observe without altering the particles, is perhaps explicable as the data-dense waves propagate at light speed and illuminate the intersections (make particles) which we currently interpret as particle paths. Observe (interfere with) any part of the wave-sphere, perhaps just “one-photon” strong, and the entangled particles will instantly change on each side (at any point) of the propagating sphere as we alter the wave form.

If all phenomena are collections of ephemeral nodes of intersecting energy waves, how is a screwdriver constructed and made to retain its hard fixed form, identity and integrity for, say, 10,000 years? Tangible, macro “real” objects, such as ourselves, have inertia (and gravity). They and their constituents resist change, despite inevitably slowly changing moment by moment – inertia resists rapid change. The observable universe resists change; despite constant change the night sky is reliably pretty much the same night after night, millennium after millennium. How pure energy (light) converts to, say, uranium, is THE central mystery for the Standard Model; how is straw spun into gold? Experiment tells us that uranium is made of light – we see it when we blow up the element in atomic bombs. We can disintegrate elements – elements as small as protons, in the LHC, but we are not able to integrate them. My view is that at the base of all sub-atomic particles, maybe quarks or even smaller, are the primary particles “fractals” which are revolving, tornado-like vortices; throughout all space. A primary vortex is formed by Hubble expansion, drawing light into a partially evacuated sphere. The light waves collide, spin and create matter – a vortex of matter is formed by in-falling light maintaining a partial vacuum (gravity) whose spin creates a revolving surface that repels other fractals; between these two forces inertia is created. Thus straw is spun into gold. The fractals spin, align, pull, push, integrate and disintegrate to form, maybe quarks (currently thought to make protons etc). Science proves that protons persist for tens of billions of years – and from them we make screwdrivers; which on human time-scales appear to be solid, unchanging and permanent. But, the (data-dense) energy waves, that make the fractals, are moment by moment re-formed and in-formed by all events in  the universe. We sentient beings are all also re-formed and in-formed moment by moment by these forces. Inertia is subject to evolution and it is in the underlying dynamic energy field (Higgs field?) that we can seek the templates that hold the data to make stuff – such as DNA – that makes the blueprints for babies. 

It seems to me that like my grandson, all phenomena are dissipative systems, absorbing and emitting energy, organized and governed by universal data-dense templates (maybe Higgs Field) which confer mass and persistent identity. These templates are intersecting electromagnetic broadcasting spheres which science can detect. We humans are built from or by these forces, as are sub-atomic and all phenomena. Because we are made from “the stuff of the universe” and are sentient – we have the capacity to eventually understand it.

I think that The Standard Model needs to be considered in the context of  Hubble-expansion, the Lifeforce, the wave formed Aether-Matrix, and babies (who do choose to be born), whose brains, as far as we know, are the most complex entities in the universe.

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