One week after 200 mph winds, driving 30 foot waves, destroyed cities, towns, villages and farms, the world is counting the costs, measured in many thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands made homeless. 

The world asks “Is it due to man-made global warming?”  

But, it matters not a tinker’s cuss whether it is anthropogenic (human activity) or not. Looking for culprits is a long blame game that can be played out after we’ve fixed the problem and avoided the very real present dangers. 

It doesn’t matter if it is volcanoes, sunbursts, planetary wanderings, inter-galactic-aliens, native cooking stoves, Google’s overheated computers, the Tea Party in their SUVs, or your neighbor’s TV standby switch. Except that we might be able to change some of these. But, the heat has happened, the carbon dioxide is in the upper atmosphere, with other greenhouse gases – and it will take hundreds of years to dilute it. 
Is the climate getting warmer? Yes, without doubt. The atmosphere has warmed by 0.5 degrees and the deep oceans have warmed in the past 60 years “faster than has ever occurred in the past”. Warmer oceans and air are melting the ice-caps. The North-West passage is open. This meltdown releases huge volumes of freezing cold ice-water into the oceans at the Poles, which flows round the planet in unpredictable currents – making some coastlines and regions colder than normal. Icebergs will drift into previously clear sea lanes. These massive, irreversible changes are causing more extreme weather events – droughts, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, heat waves, forest fires, pestilence, Iain Duncan-Smith etc.
Human beings and most animals on this fragile Ark in Space – our home – the blue planet Earth – cannot evolve rapidly enough to cope with extreme rapid changes – in turn freezing, boiling, dehydrated, homeless, crops disrupted, drowned. We can and will rush about to repair lives with all the goodwill and humanity we can muster – but eventually our wills and energy will be depleted – and most of us will die prematurely. Although global warming will eventually melt thousands of square miles of tundra permafrost and eventually turn the huge continent of Antarctica and immense Greenland into empty mountainous paradises, and maybe will water the vast deserts, we, the human race, are not adapted to rolling with the changes; continuously uprooting our civilization and resettling. 80% of 7 billion people live on the coastal margins – which, like the Philippines have, will flood and create 5 billion refugees – and submerge many cities and most farms and factories. Its no use hiding in the mountains – 5 billion hungry refugees will find you. If they don’t – the typhoons will.
What should we do? How can adapt? 
We can and must prepare for the reality of what is happening. The world needs to embark on the era of global intelligent-cooperation. We have to grow up, stop squabbling and fighting, stop privately exploiting our resources and each other, learn to share, to be fair, to generally like and respect each other. And start now to adapt.
My two E-books OUT OF THE DEPTHS and AD2516-AFTER GLOBAL WARMING (see right hand margin), both popular novels, are based on serious science and spell out the short term future as the coastal margins are flooded and mass migration disrupts civilization, which is terrible but survivable – and the books set a compass direction to an achievable Utopian future for the whole of mankind. They are based on current technology and give hope to mankind.
 Hurricane Formation
If the conditions above are met sufficiently, showers and storms will start to gain organization as low level winds converge toward the center of the low pressure area. The cluster of convection will start to form bands. As the convection increases, the warm air near the surface rises and cools. As it cools the water vapor condenses. There is a tremendous amount of heat produced from the condensation of water vapor. Some of this heat warms the center region of the low. As the temperature of the air near the core rises it produces lower pressure. In response to this lower pressure, winds increase in intensity. A tropical storm forms when the surface winds reach sustained winds of 39-73 mph. A hurricane officially classified as the winds reach sustained values of 74 mph.

Even if all of the ingredients of a hurricane are in place, it does not guarantee that a hurricane will form. Many of the factors in hurricane formation exist in the tropics, especially in the heart of hurricane season. Despite this, very few disturbances actually develop into a hurricane.

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