NEWS FLASH 5 DEC 2013UK Storm threatens east coast. BBC News at 4 pm today said the North Sea is about to experience the strongest tidal surge for 60 years – as 90 mph winds drive the sea from the 200 miles wide Scottish /Nordic region and funnel it south towards the narrow 21 miles wide Straits of Dover.

The questions in my mind are – will the surge find its way into the Thames Estuary? And if so will the Thames Barrier hold back the flood waters? Will London homes be affected? If the East Anglian fens are flooded – it is almost certain that across the North Sea will flood low lying Holland. This blog started with Dutch floating homes.


Cold seas: Oh yes they are!  Oh no they’re not! Oh yes they are! etc. The scientific, intellectual, political debate about whether the Polar Ice Caps are melting drones on. A few nations, such as Holland, are taking action. Does your home float?

Underpinning a building with large polyethylene pipes sealed at both ends, makes a reliable long lasting, repairable raft. The pipes, made from oil, also lock up significant amounts of carbon for centuries.
My two E-books OUT OF THE DEPTHS and AD2516-AFTER GLOBAL WARMING (see right hand margin), both popular novels, are based on serious science and spell out the short term future as the coastal margins are flooded and mass migration disrupts civilization, which is terrible but survivable – and the books set a compass direction to an achievable Utopian future for the whole of mankind. They are based on current technology and give hope to mankind.
NEW BOSTON – is a beautiful, major, self-sustained city, on the Atlantic Ocean, evolved from the first Boston homes built to survive sea-level rise. Read AD2516 – After Global Warming. It will eventually be OK – for families like those that endure through the current meltdown in Out of the Depths.



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