“Why should England tremble?” As California becomes arid and extreme weather sweeps the world; as filthy flood waters surge down the Thames, from Oxford, by Windsor Castle, Heathrow Airport and on to Central London; and as cruel seas rise and smash coastal railways and harbours, brave British soldiers are building 2ft (0.5M) high sandbag walls, regardless of the cost to the Treasury, to defend Slough. Brian Aldiss dubbed me a distinguished futurist but, as with Noah and Prophets in their own Land, few have heeded my cry “Move to Higher Ground” or ask “What Next?” These two dramatic novels, based on real science, warn the 5 billion in cities on the coastal margins and the other 2 billion on high ground, what happens as the Polar Ice Caps melt: OUT OF THE DEPTHS (London and NY flooding today) and AD2516 – AFTER GLOBAL WARMING (The world recovers). The polar ice is melting, triggering extreme weather. Read the books and prepare for the future.
(Mr) Noel Hodson 16 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK Tel +44 (0)1865 760994

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