All objects/ matter/ things/ systems/ phenomena on every scale and of every complexity in the Universe are dissipative systems in an ocean of “pure” energy that continually absorb and dissipate energy while acquiring and retaining identity – which identity implies a template for each and every phenomena.  (Continued from 29th Nov 2013 THE FIFTH FUNDAMENTAL FORCE & GRAVITY  ).
Thinking of complex phenomena, I draw an analogy with an orchestra. Last night we attended The Sheldonian Theatre, for an excellent  concert by Oxford Philomusica, of Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor, Op. 18 – with a superlative pianist Tatiana Kolesova, and of Prokofiev Suite No. 2 from Romeo and Juliet, Op 64. Both pieces are often used in films and so their themes are well known to millions – including me. In universal terms it was an event; it was an energetic event; it had identity; it was complex; it manifested organisation, purpose and intelligence.
Including the (very skilled) Conductor and the Concert Pianist, there were 74 musicians. To create this event they came together, played in harmony and in concert, orchestrated by the conductor, made music for about 2 hours; and dispersed. Scientifically, the music vibrated the air and subtle electrical and atomic forces in the theatre, which in turn vibrated the planet’s atmosphere and created electromagnetic waves, which in turn broadcast the event in spherical waves, out into space; into the universe. An identifiable event, a physical phenomena, which might well baffle distant alien radio astronomers with instruments delicate enough to detect the concert, was broadcast from The Sheldonian and is even now streaming across the universe; in-forming and re-forming the stuff of the universe – the “pure” energy of the universe.
Like an atom, examined by our most powerful microscopes and recently photographed (see previous article), the waves of this energetic event in a small building, on a small planet, in an average galaxy, do not die, and they broadcast and remain identifiable for all time.
I began to imagine the 74 music makers as sub-atomic particles of a single vibrant atom (all atoms vibrate continuously). This music-atom though short lived (two hours) emits its signal, location and scale of coherent energy, which travels or propagates at light-speed, in human terms – forever – until the end of days. Theoretically, the music could be detected in, say 22 billion light years, on the horizon of  this observable universe. 
This music-atom dissipated energy that signaled its existence – as music, to our ears, and to infinity. The musicians provided the energy and gave it identity by their disparate and then collective intent and will.
But the music-atom is not only energized by 74 players. Each of them brought an instrument, made and honed by instrument makers and played for tens or hundreds of years, adding to the characteristics of the instruments. The artisans’ energies and previous players are also in the music-atom – but invisible. The 800 or so audience also bring energy and intent to the music-atom, energy which they energetically multiply as their enjoyment and empathy increases – and each brings a history of the universe. The event is contained in an historic building, designed for human gatherings by Christopher Wren, and built with skill and intent by hundreds of craftsmen and women. The coherent, organised energies of all these people in turn relied on their antecedents, back to the the first life forms. All parts ultimately cohere and manifest intent by dancing to the tune of the composers.
This entire music-atom for this short event is created by contemporary and historic energetic forces. It absorbs all these sources and strands of incoming energy and organizes and compresses them into an identifiable phenomena – which throughout all the complex interactions between the multitude of sub-atomic particles over time, retains its clear identity. The signals it sends are unmistakably and uniquely communicating the music-atom’s existence. It is absorbing and dissipating energy via an identity pattern, a template which though shifting and altering split second by split second with every movement of every participant – is a persistent object /phenomena in the universe. It is extended in space and in time – almost infinitely (as far as humans can judge infinity). 
Which lastly brings me to neutrinos. You will know that one USA university is creating a beam of neutrinos, described as the ghost of the ghost of a particle, and will fire trillions of them through 800 miles of rock to another university – which will measure changes in the neutrinos. Very little change is expected because of the trillions of trillions of trillions of neutrinos that the Sun emits (dissipates) which pass through planet Earth every split second, hardly any strike any other atom, sub-atomic particle, photon or electromagnetic wave. The music-atom in its most extended and complex existence is at all times experiencing neutrinos passing through. Perhaps the barely detectable collisions that do occur also carry data about the music-atom into the Aether-Matrix (which I insist exists) just as sunlight casts ephemeral shadows.

Imagine viewing this event telescopically from, say, Mars, and detecting the broadcast music; from which distance the Sheldonian might be compared to the size of an atom examined under a microscope in a laboratory. The whole would be fuzzy but with a distinguishable signature – the music. The individual orchestra players might be logically inferred from their interactions – each unique but very similar to each other; analogous to sub-atomic particles (the particle zoo). The audience would be a fuzzy but stable, larger but individually less energetic presence set in precise quantum orbits (electrons) around the nucleus of players. The two body’s present mass/energy alone would not add up to the broadcast energy – would not be enough to explain the whole. The far larger number of past historic contributors, now dispersed, would be invisible but their energies as instrument makers, previous players and audiences, builders, composers etc. would inform the vibrations being broadcast in this 120 minute performance – the lifetime of the phenomena being observed. Additionally, adding to the mass/energy equation, the performance broadcasts into the future, as described above. And it is written of, remembered, recorded and replayed. All these actions are part of the total mass/energy of the music-atom.

A brilliant mathematician could compare the inflow of energy with the outflow of energy, which would perhaps balance. The phenomena would exist in a stream of smaller and less identifiable merging past, present and future events – where the players have learned the music; are drawn together to play; are organized by the  music; and produce the music; in a unique performance.

GRAVITY – It is the balance of inflow and outflow, over time, while maintaining identity, stability and inertia within clearly defined variables and activities – say of the planet Earth or of one’s own body that is my conundrum at the base of this orchestral analogy. I guess that all gravitating bodies (science assumes all things have gravity) are attractive due to a constant in-falling and equivalent out-flowing or broadcasting of energy, onto, and so from, their centres (centres from where we very accurately measure and calculate gravitational mechanics). The in-falling could  be caused by Hubble expansion.

IF, this is true then a body such as the Sun, is maximally compressed at its  centre – from which mass/ energy must be emitted. We are fully aware of the out-flowing heat and light, presumed to mostly be caused by in-falling pressure; we know of neutrinos, emitted in their trillions every second. We know the Sun broadcasts its identity as a star across the visible universe – in the past, present and future (perhaps in all three time zones simultaneously), which requires huge amounts of energy. Do the energies and masses falling into the Sun, balance with those emitted? Is there an energy emitter at the heart of the Sun that draws in and expels mass/energy, constantly compressing down and pumping up mass/ energy. Is this, manifest in all matter from atoms to galaxies,  the pulse of the universe?

And …from where does the Sun acquire its characteristic identity? Where do our bodies acquire their identity? Where are the invisible, Past, Present and Future energetic seeds and templates that confer shape, size, dynamic pulse, purpose, activities, inertia and lifespan to all things; …and enable all things to exist , with identity, in the flow of pure energy. Each human is an organisation originating from the first pulse of life (where ever it might have emerged) through the long past, to the present and into the far future, standing – or lying if you prefer to be horizontal – in a containing pipeline of pure energy, dynamically moulded by a template for our (unique) existence.

(Continued from 29th Nov 2013 THE FIFTH FUNDAMENTAL FORCE & GRAVITY  ).

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