TO ALL PUBLISHERS (and all readers):
CLIMATE CHANGE FICTION – Cli-Fi is primed to explode. Buy now to avoid disappointment.
A futurist is a  lunatic forecaster and mad prophet – until it happens – then is an irritating smart-ass when it happens. But, they can also be a very readable and increasingly credible prophet. Will you survive Global Warming? 
 Recent extreme weather events around the world support the IPCC Climate Change scientists. My novels spell out the impact on ordinary people. I need a publisher and a film maker for my “unputabledownable” smart-ass forecasts – and in the meantime, you can buy an e-copy for a risibly small price, and enjoy a damn good read. Happy Easter.
More prophetic than Nostradamus. More alarming than Day of the Triffids. More worrying than 1984. More believable than Noah’s Ark. More useful than Practical Boat Building. More technical than The Higgs Boson. More terrifying than The Lady in White. More humorous than Ian Paisley. More gruelling than War & Peace. More political than the Works of Lenin. More philosophical than Jeremy Clarkson. More guidance than London’s A-Z.  More sinister than Alfred Hitchcock. More optimistic than The God Delusion. More digestible than The Works of Shakespeare. More inexpensive than a Cinema ticket.  Treat yourself to an engaging, absorbing read. Enjoy two good books this Easter – and tremble at how Global Warming is about to change your life – forever.
OUT OF THE DEPTHS – by Noel HodsonMeltdown floods London and New York NOW and despatches 80% of the global population, so society has to re-form itself.
AD 2516 – After Global Warming  – by Noel Hodson (recommended for the Whitbread Prize) – a light and humorous, yet deep and realistically based tale of what will become of us, in 500 years time – after the icecaps melt.  
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Also available in Print on Amazon – Search Amazon for these print titles.

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