US scientists yesterday published a National Climate Assessment – specifically concerning America, which reinforces the scientific forecasts that even America, which Trusts in God, is experiencing extreme weather events due to Climate Change; in turn due to Global Warming. 

Soggy FLORIDA. Water on Main Street.

DO NOTHING – Republicans, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, some pop TV weather presenters, Mickey Mouse, and the whole rag-bag of the usual suspects deny the findings. They claim that Superman and Angels of the Lord are magically weaving an invisible dome over the United States of America that protects the nation – even protects Democrats – from any consequences of global warming; which in any case is not happening, and, if  it is happening, is entirely due to Obama and /or natural planetary evolution that is beyond the wit of man to influence – or prepare for. These believers in fate and natural forces counsel total paralysis and “business as usual”. A climate change deniers spokesperson said “Even if the Earth does warm up a bit …it didn’t do the dinosaurs any harm. Look how big and healthy they were. Its just a cyclical thing – a passing phase”.

FOR GOD’S SAKE – DO SOMETHING – Neurotic, panicky, cowardly scientists and politico’s – almost certainly unarmed socialists and communists – blabber about more forest fires, persistent drought, typhoons, rain-floods, mud slides, sea level rising, gales, Arctic meltdown, permafrost thawing, species extinction, economic disruption and collapse, mosquitoes, plagues, starvation and the end of life as we know it. These (mostly unarmed pacifist) wimps want government to take the lead in slowing the inevitable progress of the process of global warming – and to waste hard earned tax dollars on preparing for the worst – even though it will never happen. These scaremongers even threaten that millions of once hardworking, now retired blameless senior citizens in Florida will see their homes inundated as the Gulf of Mexico sea level rises by a mere 4 feet. (NB – When the ice-caps fully melt, sea-level will rise 300 feet).

WHO DUN IT? The most important debate to have right now is about whose fault it is. Huge public conventions are now being organized on all American beaches; starting with fervent prayers to stop the tide coming in. When the culprits are identified – have no doubt, they will be sued and jailed – and all right thinking citizens will be fully compensated – and thereby will all be millionaires. The future (for America) is bright. A new era, The Rapture, and a new dawn is coming.  God Bless America. 

Douglas Adams philosophy graduates will all know that now is the time to immediately build, populate and launch the B Ark – to save our world. 

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