Casimir-Gravity continued – 3 Jan 2015. A summary of the summary.

1) The Aether exists; it is the electromagnetic ocean of legible waves broadcast by every phenomenon.

2) Hubble Expansion exists; it continually attenuates the Aether.

3) The Casimir effect exists. This is the primary driver of gravity.

LATEST CONCEPT – THE ONE, AND SO FAR, THE ONLY “GRAVITY – A NEW THEORY” It takes just a few minutes to read and to contemptuously (and erroneously) scientifically dismiss.

18 FEB 2015. Is this how light becomes matter & so acquires gravity?

Möbius strips are three-dimensional geometrical structures, fascinating for their peculiar property of being surfaces with only one “side” – or, more technically, being “non-orientable” surfaces. Despite being easily realized artificially, the spontaneous emergence of these structures in nature is exceedingly rare. Here, we generate Möbius strips of optical polarization by tightly focusing the light beam emerging from a q-plate, a liquid crystal device that modifies the polarization of light in a space-variant manner. Using a recently developed method for the three-dimensional nano-tomography of optical vector fields, we fully reconstruct the light polarization structure in the focal region, confirming the appearance of Möbius polarization structures. The preparation of such structured light modes may be important for complex light beam engineering and optical micro- and nano-fabrication.
New Scientist FEB 2015: …Ten years on, Peter Banzer of the Max Planck Institute in Erlangen, Germany, and his colleagues have shown Freund was right. The team scattered two polarised green laser beams off a gold bead* that was smaller than the wavelength of the light. The resulting interference introduced a polarisation pattern with either three or five twists, giving it a Möbius-like structure (
“This is the first [experimental] proof that polarisation Möbius strips really exist, which has been a decade-long question in the community,” Banzer says. The finding could pave the way for fundamental studies of how light and matter interact, such as using light to trap tiny particles for biomedical purposes
*I think the light is scattered using a hohlraum.
29 Jan 2015 – Quick update. Reading Paul Davies again (and other respected science authors) I am again struck by the mystery of observers changing the behavior of photons in the paradoxical Double Slit experiment. All top physicists accept this. My insight this morning takes me back to my Aether-Matrix, where all phenomena on every scale, broadcast their presence to us/ observers and we detect them at all and every point in the universe (excepting wavelengths too large to fit the observation sphere /orb). When you or I look out at the universe, into our eyes flow the electromagnetic signals from the entire universe. Everything in the universe is being observed at all times. And – If the energy of the Aether-Matrix is sentient (ultimately spawning intelligence and eventually reason), then the universe might be the self-observer that never sleeps. 

26 Jan 2015 – Plagiarism or Synchronicity: A web search reveals another amateur, like me, speculating back in 2006 about Casimir & Gravity. And since then 5 or six other posts address the same issue. There is nothing new under the Sun. I think my articles move us on from “..Could it possibly be?”  to “Yes it is and here’s how its done”. Not scientific, but its nice to have company. I don’t yet see a massive black hole in my theorizing. Its worth pursuing the concept to its logical self-destruction – or triumph. But if so, the victor’s laurels belong to Casimir. 

NB – 23 Jan 2015 – The Aether-Matrix. An excellent BBC documentary on the Voyager spacecraft was screened again last night. And again I heard that when Voyager 1 left the planetary plane, above the solar system, and turned its cameras to photograph all the planets and the sun; it transmitted a picture that included The Earth, which occupied just half-a-pixel, famously explained by Carl Sagan. The documentary commentary said that the image was received on Earth with the power of only one-millionth of a billionth of a Watt. If so, what does the persistent homing wave signal tell us about the aether it travelled through /in /across. 0.000,000,000,000,000,1 Watts is incredibly feeble and yet the signal carried reliable legible data to a radio dish. It crossed 6 billion kilometres filled at every point with all the signals from all the phenomena in the universe. There is nowhere on its route that is shielded from a unique view of the entire universe; and yet the transmission retained its information and integrity. The human brain ticks over on less than 10 watts coursing through 100,000,000,000 (a hundred billion) brain cells, each with 1,000 connections. Say, 10 billionths of a Watt per cell. 10 Watts is ten-million-billion times stronger than the Voyager signal received on Earth – so will the radio dish read a human’s brain waves? Which are sometimes coherent. How on earth (or off-earth) do radio waves retain their identity? Do our brain-waves fill space? (Check my aged maths).

Wikipedia – Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometers (3.7 billion miles, 40.5 AU), as part of the Family Portrait series of images of the Solar System.

The Aether-Matrix, of universal electromagnetic energies, or light, is traditionally described as a “Field”. Fields are flat and two dimensional, bounded by hedges, so it should be more accurately depicted as an Ocean; which implies depth and immensity. As stated several times below, wherever we go to observe the universe, at any point in the universe, we and our instruments see a unique view of the whole universe. Move 2 metres to the side and we get another slightly different unique view. Every “hologram” of the universe is unique. We see it all, only excluding wavelengths too large to fit our observatory (say, eyeball), because all objects and phenomena broadcast their presence. Thus we live in an ocean of data-rich, coherent, legible, continuous and largely persistent (inertia) light waves. Observe from, say, Jupiter, take a record, return to that observation post 10,000 years later, and the picture will be about the same – even though it changes second by second. Every gravitational body is at “the deepest bottom” of the ocean – they all feel all the pressure from the light-ocean. There is nowhere that escapes this pressure (this assumes that light has some mass).

Gravity is the pressure the light-ocean exerts on all and any phenomena or object (on matter or mass). It creates in “empty” space-time, objects with an inside and an outside – which tend to form energy efficient spheres. The oceanic pressure presses on the outside, the pressing wavelengths are excluded on the inside, which is darker and in “shadow” from the universal ocean. Thus is the push (outside) and pull (inside) of the Casimir effect evident. Each and every point of space-time is cross hatched, really and factually and demonstrably, with all the universal broadcasts – from sub-atomic atoms to stella-novae to humans. Each point is unique. 

Gravity is the differential between the outside and inside pressure in the light-ocean. Where energetic wavelengths are shielded, blocked or create shadows; such as on and in large objects, gravity is stronger. Where sub-atomic particles “float” in the light-ocean, they are surrounded by 99.9% of all the wavelengths, and have almost no shadow – and thus have hardly detectable gravity. 

We humans have an intuitive knowledge of these forces because we are made (or make ourselves) from them. We instinctively understand Centres of Gravity. We know that a Giant Californian Redwood grows to a pattern that complies with the Earth’s centre of gravity. If not, it would topple over. Plant a Redwood in  the four corners of the planet – take plumb lines from each and extrapolate down – and the centre of gravity will be located. They “know” where the centre is.

But, gravity also forms horizontal objects, particularly lifeforms. It helps them to define an inside and an outside and thus obtain and retain identity. 

More later.

NB – 1 quark = 612 electrons x 3 for Protons. & Giant Californian Redwoods.

NNB – Existence of Aether Matrix is inarguable except by perverse scientists who are as two short planks. Continual evolution of the AM from new radio /light events – implies continual new matter formation (Hoyle was right). The structure of the AM (powerful inertia) is the DNA of matter. 

“Fluffy” Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko “is built from fluffy layers of dust and ice with half the density of water.”  Guardian 23 Jan 2015. This news report about the Rosetta mission’s latest findings, seems to accord with the idea that matter is initially attracted into loose relationship “a lattice of molecules” – with low density – until the ever tightening knot of gravity, caused by the Casimir effect, increases the density, eventually forming compact planets. More Rosetta flights to diverse sized and aged comets are required; to measure the density of large and small bodies in space. 

16 DEC 2014 – A bit more. The whole universe of electromagnetic radiation presses “down” on any and all matter – as if the matter were at the bottom of the deepest ocean trench, under pressure from the water above and surrounding it. We know that “light” exerts pressure (and must therefore have some slight mass – it is some-thing, not no-thing); all matter has been formed from the light around it (E=MC2) creating a partial momentary void in the surrounding space; the basic stuff of the universe – pure energy – “falls” into the partial void and is followed by all light as it balances the pressures. In that sense all matter is “under” the pressure of the immeasurable ocean of all the light in the universe. Casimir effects shield the “shadow” in-side of congregating matter – and thus create the “ever tightening knot”, the relentless pressure of gravity on the inside of layers of matter – until black-holes form. Then what?

9  DEC 14 – The Casimir-Gravity effect is a shadow. Light on  the “outside” and dark on the “inside”. The ambient light is the entire Aether-Matrix, at the very least being the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) of 3 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero. I repeat that the Aether-Matrix is a field of coherent radio or light waves, which carry to every point in the universe, all the information there is in the universe (except long wavelengths too large to fit into the observing sphere). This ubiquitous field is constantly in-formed and re-formed by every event in the universe; yet over time retains powerful inertia and perpetuates identity. (Time: all events on every scale broadcast their presence; which propagate at 300,000 km/sec across the universe. Every event is detectable at some place in the universe, at any time). 

Thus there is coherent, data-rich, ambient pressure in the Aether-Matrix; introduce matter, say a film of soap, and it will experience an outside and inside from turbulence in the Aether-Matrix, which in this case will form  spherical bubbles. Crookes Radiometer or Light Mill, with paddles driven by strong (sun) light, illustrates the effect of pressure from light. The deeper the material is inside a gravitational body, then the stronger the minute differential between the ambient electromagnetic waves on the outside and the dark shadow inside. I repeat; that counter-intuitively, deep inside the Sun is a profound darkness,  a lack of most ambient electromagnetic waves, which creates a relative difference in pressure; where the outside waves are pressing in (down) on material that has an outer light side, and a darker inside.  

Crookes Radiometer.
Paddles driven by light.
In a vacuum

18 NOV 14 – If we reverse-engineer a large gravitational body, say The Earth, by imagining it has 10,000 shells that make its 8,000 mile – 12,700 km diameter; each shell is 1.27 km deep. Ignoring all forces & factors except gravity – if we carefully separated the shells by 50 km – breaking them as necessary to retain a globe like shape, like widely scattered, curved jig-saw pieces –  the outer shell of widely separated pieces would be 51.27 km x 10,000 shells = 512,700 km (radius) out from the center. The pieces would each retain The Earth’s 1,007 mph or 1,670 kph rotation. The mass would be the same as our compact Earth, but the gravity of each piece would be very small. The center of gravity would be the same as before. Presumably, the Expanded Earth pieces en-masse (forgetting the Moon) would have the same gravitational relationship with The Sun, as does the Compact Earth. So, the planetary system of gravity would not be significantly different. I don’t know how many hundreds of millions of years it would take for the pieces to clump and eventually reform a Compact Earth, but in the meantime each piece would not be visibly, quickly drawn to the center. The ever tightening knot of large body gravity, where every atom and sub-atomic particle is ever more compressed and appears to be suicidally intent on reaching the center and disappearing up or down its own Black Hole – is here strung out in an open lattice of peacefully co-existing, circling asteroids. What would be very different would be the Casimir Effect. This force would be barely detectable between the millions of spaced out asteroids. The data-rich* electromagnetic waves, photons and electrons that fill the universe would envelope each piece, almost equally, and exert approximately equal forces on each piece – keeping them in place (inertia). The imperceptible tug of Casimir shadows does have many of the characteristics of gravity. 

* These waves & particles enable us to identify every phenomenon in the universe. Each “thing” broadcasts its presence and essence via electromagnetic or light signals or waves, which we receive and interpret or read. The waves are data-rich and legible and are coherent in every location in space-time.  


10 NOV 14 – Discovering the causes, sources and mechanisms of gravity, after 50 years of casual science reading, has been such a shock to my system that I’ve had a streaming cold and cough since; which has inhibited my concentration and clarity of text. So I have brought forward the paragraph and now, here, intend to summarize the summary. 

Here in 3 simple steps is how it works:
1) THE AETHER-MATRIX. The essence and basic stuff of the universe is light – the electromagnetic field – “pure” energy, initially with no bits in it. According to the alleged Big-Bang theory, the bits, matter, mass come a few micro-seconds later. This light exists in coherent patterns which persist for eons. Examine any sphere of any size in the universe and within that sphere you will “see” the entire universe, made visible by the cross hatching of waves of electromagnetic broadcasts: this broadcasting by all phenomena, of every size and energy level, is how we identify “things” and people. What is missing from your chosen viewing-sphere, are wavelengths too large to fit into the sphere. Apart from those, you can, with suitable instruments, examine the entire contents of the whole universe, in the comfort of your own sphere (e.g. The Earth or way out in the so called “void”). Every viewing sphere has a unique holographic image of the universe; unique due to variations in size and location. Inertia tells us that the patterns are robust and persistent, not ephemeral. You can re-visit any sphere, a thousand years later, and you will see pretty much the same universe. However, every energetic event, second by second, on every scale, changes the information in the universal field because the broadcasts in-form and re-form the energy field. We can analyse the newly in-formed and re-formed aether-matrix in our chosen sphere – and find it changed; for example by the coherent TV wireless signals from the latest episode of Coronation Street. These myriad holographic spheres of coherent and inertia-locked waves of the whole universe – are indisputable. Unless a reader can find somewhere in space where the universe is invisible.
2) HUBBLE-EXPANSION. I need the Aether-Matrix as a tangible, patterned, coherent field of electromagnetic energy – containing waves and lines of magnetic and electric force – because the first step after “pure” energy, I think may be caused by Hubble-Expansion (of the observable universe). The “light” energy is real, it is tangible, it carries information, it is some-thing not no-thing. It is this universal field that Hubble-Expansion (6.819E-19 percent/sec/sec) expands. No sphere in the Light field can become a vacuum. Compared to pre-existence (before the Big-Bang if you like) when there may have been no-thing, in the universe all zones are some-thing, not no-thing. Even the “vacuum of space” is everywhere cross hatched with the coherent, energetic and information-rich light field. Expansion of this field by Hubble Expansion, attenuates the field forces. The attenuation of any defined sphere is immediately filled or balanced by the field. This “in-falling” of electromagnetic energy – and by any bits of mass in the vicinity – is perhaps the underlying, very weak, constant precursor of gravity. It may also be the mechanism where quarks or the most fundamental particles are forged – whereby energy converts to matter, where straw is spun into gold. I have recently read that today not all cosmologists and physicists are convinced that Hubble -Expansion is proven – but it has been analysed and accepted as scientific fact for nearly a hundred years; so I’ll leave it in here as a slight contribution to gravity; as a force that cannot be shielded.  
3) CASIMIR-GRAVITY. The Casimir effect is well tested and confirmed. It seems an interesting but rather inconsequential fact of the universe – that between two very close, perfectly machined flat plates, long wavelengths (of electromagnetism) are excluded – while all the wavelengths act “outside” the plates; creating greater pressure outside than inside – and pushing (and/or pulling) the plates together. The analogy of two large ships side by side at sea very well illustrates the effect; the ships are pushed together (see below). It occurred to me that a large object, say The Sun, would also cast a wavelength “shadow” of some shape (curved space-time) in its vicinity; or at least would alter the pattern of the universal energy field, and could cause a Casimir effect. At the smallest scale of matter, I thought of tiny particles, initially drifting in the eddies of electromagnetic currents in the Aether-Matrix, perhaps drawn to a momentarily attenuated Hubble-Expansion sphere; meeting, and between them experiencing a Casimir effect – alongside their magnetic and nuclear forces. It was not a convincing image to explain why, in large masses, all the bits seem to want to reach the centre – the centre of gravity. And thus why we must measure gravity arithmetic, for, say, space flights, from the exact centres of planets and suns. But, start adding millions of bits and within this initially loose conglomeration, and the Casimir effect, the wavelength shadow or wave exclusion, increases. Outside the pressure is constant (waves of the whole universe) while inside the slowly forming loose mass, the pressure of waves is ever reducing. Here, it seems to me, is the ever tightening knot of gravity – ultimately creating a black-hole. The centre of gravity is constantly shifting as mass and energy in-fall onto the central mass. 
Both the forces, of Hubble Expansion (see my EIG TOE) and the Casimir Effect, are very weak, barely detectable in small masses. Neither needs a further energetic sources or trigger. Neither can be shielded. The Casimir Effect grows with every addition to the mass – shielding the interior from long wavelengths. Both forces of in-falling energy/mass are dissipative (see previous notes). The three phenomena above – Light-Field, Hubble and Casimir are well attested and accepted by science. 
CASIMIR 1909 – 2000

The above paragraphs are more coherent (information-rich?) and complete than my notes below. In writing them, I am becoming more convinced that they contain the seed of an expandable and eventually testable theory. Is the mystery of gravity about to be solved? Would it have cheered Casimir to know that he may have inspired a new trend in physics – and made him smile?  

First outline of Casimir-Gravity – notes:
7 NOV 14.  CASIMIR-GRAVITY. I think the major part of gravity is due to the Casimir effect. I wrote out the logic of this an hour ago, on this blog, where I had several tabs open. I was asked to “quit” a tab – with no option to cancel – and my new text disappeared. Will the world ever see my conclusive theory on gravity? 

…So – after a short rest; here it is again.

Casimir 1909-2000 noted that two totally flat plates brought together, stuck together. He introduced tiny studs between the plates and they continued to stick together. (The separation is very, very small – so don’t try this at home).

The Dutch scientist, Casimir concluded that the glue was in fact the force of the universal electromagnetic field waves outside the plates being stronger than  the waves between the plates. They were being pressed together by “light” waves because the tiny space between them excludes larger waves, thus there is more pressure outside, than inside.

In the above diagram, you can ignore the nonsense phrase “vacuum fluctuations”, which comes from stubborn old physicists who still insist that the universe is mostly “empty” space. It isn’t. Having realized that there is no such thing as empty space they dreamt up miraculous non-existent waves and particles that pop-in and pop-out of nothing. What they are really referring to is the basic stuff of the universe – the pure energy field of electromagnetism in which matter emerges. The waves are electromagnetic waves (and particles) that exert force in so called “empty” space.  The waves are everywhere, at every scale, and their field is the universal energy, which is continually in-formed and re-formed by every energetic event in the universe – however large or small. It is the persistently coherent (inertia) broadcasts of all events that enables us to “see” phenomena – from sub-atomic particles, to each-other, to the observable-universe. Every-thing broadcasts it’s identifiable existence:

This same Casimir effect can be seen acting between two large ships alongside each other at sea. The ocean waves outside the ships are far larger than the waves in the calm area between the ships. The pressure outside pushes the ships together, overcoming the weaker waves between the ships. Casimir Glue is in fact a force that pushes rather than pulls; although both forces occur.

If we take two pieces of matter, say hydrogen or carbon molecules, drifting in space, the pressure of electromagnetic light waves acts on them equally. But when they drift close to each other, the Casimir effect acts to exclude long /large wavelengths between them, reducing the separating forces. They are pushed together by the universal “outside” waves.

Now add many millions more molecules or pieces; as they come together they exclude more light, creating interior darkness – smaller internal waves and less internal pressure. The pressure outside remains at full force. As new pieces of matter “fall” onto the conglomeration, the surface grows while the interior blocks more wavelengths – and darkness reigns internally. The deeper inside the material – the more waves are excluded – the more insistent the outside pressure seems.  

If we anthropomorphise the process, it seems that all particles are willful creatures intent on getting to the centre (of gravity). The centre is constantly changing as the masses move and more matter “falls” on the surface. At a certain size of mass, matter and energy join the incessant “in falling”; the centre gets ever darker – and we enter the mathematics of Black Holes. Counter-intuitively, large masses, such as the Sun, which blaze into radiating light and heat, are in their centres very dark; excluding most wavelengths.

Around such large shining stars, both particles and energy waves are pressed and pulled to the surface by the Casimir forces and we observe light “bending” close to the objects. This is Einstein’s curved space-time. 

My realisation that gravity could or might be, mostly, Casimir forces, does not preclude the logic that the matter and energy that “falls” onto a planet, star, or galaxy is either matched by growth of the object or by an equal outflow. All material objects are dissipative phenomena. 

Between large, well separated objects such as planets, the electromagnetic waves manifest equal pressure – and the objects stay separate for eons. But, for example the Sun, a massive object compared to its planets, does shield the planets’ orbital areas from universal waves – and exercises a push-pull Casimir force. The other 3 fundamental forces almost certainly are woven into the congregrations of matter, and add to the cohesion – but those 3 can be shielded, whereas gravity cannot be shielded.

What this implies is that there are no gravitons and no gravity waves, other than the familiar electromagnetic /light waves – which is the basic stuff or pure energy of the universe.

My previous essay, lost in Google space, was more elegant – but this will have to do for now. I think it is shaping up to be THE answer to many of gravity’s mysteries. But – I would say that, wouldn’t I.


1) Newton’s laws – including force diminishes by the square of the distance. There is no reason why these rules would not apply. Casimir-Gravity may show how this happens.  1a) Force acts from centre to centre of planets etc – This is what triggered my attention to Casimir – why do all the particles seem intent on getting to the centre? The cloaking effect inside as pieces of matter aggregate, and the constant external, universal pressure outside, will act like an ever self-tightening knot. The centre will become ever denser. It has always baffled me why all the bits make for the centre instead of loosely holding hands in a lattice – Casimir cloaking provides a mechanism – I think.

2) Curved Space-Time – I touch on curved light above. I think this theory can explain Einstein’s construct – in due course. More on this.

3) The smaller the particles of matter, the more homogenous and equal will  be the the “sea” of electromagnetic waves around and between  the particles – reducing the attraction between them.

4) This Casimir-Gravity force cannot  be shielded. It is the shielding of electromagnetic waves that manifests the force. 

(I am (still) sneezing & coughing badly this morning – my usual November reaction to the onset of winter. So will take a break and return to this in a day or so. More to follow).

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