The seas will rise by 300ft (91 metres) as the ice-caps melt. Will you survive the change? Will your home be underwater? CLIMATE CHANGE FICTION – Cli-Fi is primed to explode. Buy these absorbing, fact-based tales now “to avoid disappointment”. They are both exciting and prophetic. Written by your favorite futurist, Noel Hodson.

LATEST FORECAST 20 Metres – New Scientist – 13 June 15. By Michael Le Page.

5 years ago, science forecast a 5mm rise – 4,000 times smaller. 100 metres is most likely. Its calculated in these books.

Prime Minister

Rt. Hon David Cameron MP

By Email

12 June 2015.


Dear Mr Cameron,


Congratulations on winning a second term.

I wrote to you on 15 June 2013, encouraging UK investment in marine–engineering to build large floating cities. E.G. Florida, Boston and Amsterdam will buy one.
Today, New Scientist magazine, Page 8, “Five Metres & Counting” by Michael Le Page, says sea level will rise 20 metres. 5 years ago, science predicted sea-level rise of “5mm within the next century”. That scientific consensus was 4,000 times too small. And, in my “futurist’s” view, was decades out on timing. I think a 20 metres rise is still several times too little. don’t know how you avoid the Persil Ad pop-up).
Please re-read my 15thJune 2013 letter and blog (link)and mobilise the UK’s formidable, world class, marine engineering industry to specialise in building amphibious homes and permanently floating major cities. The whole world will need this highly profitable industry – and it is the most efficient and pro-active way to re-house drowned London.
Your colleague, Mayor Boris Johnson MP, was right to propose an island /floating Thames Estuary airport. It is practical, necessary and economic.
Yours truly
Noel Hodson
PS – And, I would be grateful if you could persuade the MoT to fund our green freight transport project, which is both flood proof and simple technology, and far cheaper than any existing freight transport, using only 10% of the energy. Their horrified reaction to date is “But its NEW! Mr Hodson. Its NEW!”




A futurist is a  lunatic forecaster and mad prophet – until it happens – then is an irritating smart-ass when it happens. But, they can also be a very readable and increasingly credible prophet. Will you survive Global Warming – and what will happen to the human race? Two stories – 500 years apart – spell out what Climate-Change will bring.

 Recent extreme weather events around the world support the IPCC Climate Change scientists. My novels spell out the impact on heroines and heroes, on ordinary people, on Cities and on the planet. You will enjoy reading them.


OUT OF THE DEPTHS – by Noel Hodson. Meltdown floods London and New York NOW and despatches 80% of the global population, so society has to re-form itself.

AD 2516 – After Global Warming  – by Noel Hodson (recommended for the Whitbread Prize) – a light and humorous, yet deep and realistically based tale of what will become of us, in 500 years time – after the icecaps melt.

CLICK THESE E-BOOK COVERS: (or search on Amazon Kindle Books)  

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Author – (Mr) Noel Hodson

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Tel +44 (0)1865 760994

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