Desert Power for all Europe.



26 Oct 2015 – Nick writes about a massive solar farm in Morocco:
That is fascinating stuff.
I am slightly surprised by the size of the solar plant. But it is such an obvious source of energy. I suppose the solar panels will gradually become more and more efficient, and therefore smaller.
I like the reference to the “unelected” king of Morocco. Is this relevant to the article? Aren’t all kings and queens “unelected”?
But, let’s follow this and see how successful the project is.
As for Palestinians and Israelis living peacefully side by side, that is another matter altogether.
And, yes, I believe Israel and Egypt do business together. There is still a peace dividend being drawn.
26 Oct 2015, at 10:31, Noel wrote:
Hi Mel & Nick
Game Changer?
By coincidence, the Guardian today features the type of large solar power station I’m talking about – coming on line in Morocco now.
The far larger German plans will/would power all Europe and Africa. Add desert wind-power (see Caltech’s latest close packed mini-towers – making 10 times the energy)  and power storage – via the old trick of pumping water uphill during excess output (from solar or wind, which also blows at night) – and an area such as the uninhabited Qattari depression, flooded with 1,000 km of coastline will become very wealthy – making living space for Arab-Israeli families to enjoy in peace.
Does Israel do business with Egypt?
Noel wrote:  Yes – Depressing and implacable. How might things change? There are 6 M Jews and 6 M Arabs in Israel Palestine – with 372 people per sq km (398 in England). Growing daily. No wonder there is immense stress.
Comfortable middle-class families don’t wage war:  As World Dictator I would have the World Bank develop a large tract of the uninhabited Sahara – for family living, and there establish a major high-tech energy industry to make it one of the wealthiest regions on Earth. ( Specialist economies do function well – in 1999 Iceland was the 3rd wealthiest global community; earning 85% from fishing.) Buy this derelict Qattari region from Egypt. First lovely homes and first great jobs will be offered to emigrant Arab-Israelis who each personally must sign a Mutual Tolerance Pact.

Germany has a plan for massive solar farms in the Sahara to make all the energy the EU needs. But that plan requires peace. Aim to reduce the Israel-Palestine population density to 50% or 33%. And educate, educate, educate – and educate.

Do something – Not do nothing – to change the game.

Shalom – Noel


As of 2014, Israeli and Palestinian statistics for the overall numbers of Jews and Arabs in the area west of the Jordan, inclusive of Israel and the Palestinian territories, are similar and suggest a rough parity in the two populations. Palestinian statistics estimate 6.08 million Palestinians for that area, while Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics estimates 6,218,000 Jews living in sovereign Israel. Gaza is estimated by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to have 1.7 million, and the West Bank 2.754 million Palestinians, while Israel proper has 1,719,000 Arab citizens.[53] According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, as of May 2006, of Israel’s 7 million people, 77% were Jews, 18.5% Arabs, and 4.3% “others”.[54] Among Jews, 68% were Sabras (Israeli-born), mostly second- or third-generation Israelis, and the rest are olim – 22% from Europe and the Americas, and 10% from Asia and Africa, including the Arab countries.[55]
World Bank – Population density (people per sq. km) in Israel
Population density (people per sq. km) in Israel was last measured at 372.43 in 2013
TELEGRAPH – In 2008 the average number of people per square kilometre in Britain was 253, rising to 395 in England.
Nick originated this topic – he wrote:
‘Morning gents,
I found this rather depressing article today, and thought I would share it with you.
After I read it, and this confirms many other articles and thoughts recently, it makes me more determined that we need to get together with a good film and good bottle of wine.
How are you fixed next week? Any evening except Wednesday for me. Or, the week after? But not later!

Noel last month wrote:

6 Sep 2015.

For the kind attention of Philip Hammond, UK Secretary of State, Tony Blair and David Miliband.
Europe is crowded with 200-300 people per sq km, and is politically complex. I suggest the greening and hi-tech commercial wealth development of  large areas of the Sahara Desert starting with the uninhabited 19,000 sq km Qattari depression in Egypt – just 50 miles inland from The Mediterranean and an average 60 metres below see level.
I have no idea how governments might be persuaded, but hope that you gentlemen know how to form an effective, immediate, international joint-venture..
In civil engineering terms it is relatively easy to dig a rough wide canal, to flood the depression. The Bamforth Family (JCB Cheshire) could do it in a short time (The navigable Manchester Ship Canal was dug by hand). The sea-inlet-channel could be roughly dug and made navigable later. This is a 100 year old proposal. The 1,000 km new inland seashore could house the current German plan for massive solar power plants to feed the whole of Europe. From the first spade-full of earth or sand, jobs and commerce would be created – to attract refugee families. This high-tech, inland sea will become one of the wealthiest global communities.

There are several such huge dust bowl depressions in the Sahara; which could be connected to the oceans.

GLOBAL WARMING – Flooding these depressions will provide some temporary relief to the sea level rise that President Obama realistically fears. And greening the desert might help to absorb significant amounts of global warming gases. ALASKA MELTDOWN – OBAMA

Here is the basic concept. Can you political experts bring about the cooperation required to quickly turn this old idea into homes, lives and futures for the 5 million or so refugees.?


We live in hope.

Noel Hodson,


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