When all Polar ice melts – oceans will rise 100 meters.

18 October 2015 – Have we reached the meltdown tipping point – or gone over the edge?

I cannot do better to communicate the irrefutable fact that you should move to higher ground, than to plagiarize New Scientist Magazine – 17 October 2015 – “US cities to sink under rising seas

Many international newspapers and magazines have picked up the same report – recently updated by Benjamin Strauss, Anders Levermann and their colleagues at Princeton University – who have added a new map showing which major cities will go under water first.

You – astute, wise and intelligent readers – will have immediately extrapolated the report from its US focus to the whole world. You know that the Earth has only one sea level, even if it fluctuates a little from place to place. If the sea rises on the American coast, it rises everywhere; even in
New York harbor and the London estuary. Will your home be flooded? Should you move uphill?

For two decades or so I have been advising friends and clients to MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND as global warming and climate change run their unstoppable, irreversible course. About 1% have acted on such advice, most have remained politely silent, a few have scoffed. My empathy for Noah and other doomsayers has increased year by year – but my discomfort is nothing compared to the hundreds, possibly thousands of professional scientists who have put their reputations and livelihoods on the line to deliver the data and the message over the past 20 years.

Stop burning stuff to make electricity – Harness nature’s free clean powers.
Highlands of Great Britain

However, those brave scientists are now vindicated and we might imagine they will now be lionized rather than ridiculed. International conferences are being assembled in all parts of the world – the next is in Paris. Even America has last week discouraged Arctic Oil drilling. Australia is reconsidering what to do with its filthy brown coal that has been polluting China’s air for decades. A handful of Energy Ministers, except the UK which is now promoting dirty power over Green power, are toying with the idea of going green – and allowing wind, wave, tidal and solar power to make our electricity, despite the deeply entrenched industrial fossil fuel lobbies who would rather see the world, and their own children, drown than give up their lucrative power monopolies. Last month, the Pope and the President stepped up to warn the world of polar meltdown. What will it take to jolt politicians into action – The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse bestriding the Atlantic Ocean?

The brave persistent scientists and lonely prophets should not expect glittering prizes. Noah did not win a Nobel Prize. As far as I can find – after his great work on The Ark and saving mankind, he retired for 700 years to lead an unexceptional, dull, humble farming life with his family – without TV, cinemas or the internet. What did they do in the evenings?

8 years ago, science predicted 2 mm to 3 mm sea level rise “in the next century”. That forecast is now 2 meters to 3 meters (a meter is about 3 ft) sea level rise – ONE THOUSAND TIMES FASTER. I still think this is an underestimate and would multiply the forecasts by ten – rises of 20 to 30 meters. My most doom laden calculation, of meltdown of both polar ice caps, gives a figure of 100 meters – 300 feet; as detailed in the introduction to my London based novel, Out of the Depths.


Highlands of the USA

With 5 billion people living on the coastal margins and most farms, transport and power plants at sea level – the disruption of 5 billion souls migrating to higher ground will be catastrophic. Can it be reversed? No. There is already enough heat in the atmosphere and oceans to cause meltdown. The oceans are rising.

There are many practical measures that governments can take to preserve the human race and our civilization; but governments are paralyzed by existing gangs of power holders and brokers – who will do nothing until Wall Street and Westminster are under water. Too little, too late. Don’t wait for governments to decide your and your children’s fate.

Will you survive? My two exciting, fact based novels set out how the human race (and you and me) could not only survive but also thrive.  ACTION THIS DAY. Read my novels (see the right-hand margin of this page) and alter the course of history.


Need convincing? Doubting Thomas? Read More:


May 2014 – Antarctic Ice Sheet meltdown


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Soggy FLORIDA. Water on Main Street. 




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