Gravity is the relative absence or reduction of the pressure of the radiation that fills the universal ocean of radiation, which is from 13.7 to 43.7 billion-light-years deep. Contemplate “The ever tightening knot of gravity, ultimately resulting in black-holes” and “Counter-intuitively, the centre of the Sun is very dark” because the centre is most “shaded” or protected from or excludes the universal radiation. (NB between masses as per Casimir). The external radiation is the PUSH and the internal partial absence of radiation is the PULL of gravity. NCH March 2015 … More NEW GRAVITY – SUMMARY (& VORTEXES)


Unique new freight system saves 92% of energy – and keeps the street-air clean. “The most efficient freight transport ever.” The Transport Internet™ (TTINT) and Foodtubes™  Transport Engineering – discussion group at Imperial College, London Jan 2015. … More SAVE THE HUMANS