April 2016 – TESLA took 325,000 orders in  one week


28 APRIL 2016     Dear John,  Yes, electricity can all be green and soon will be, worldwide.

Electric cars use electricity, immediately improving street-level air – electricity which is capable of being entirely green. I’ve been following this for 10 years, for our Transport Internet project presentations. My current professional, considered advice to any who will listen, is that fossil fuels are rapidly on their way out for driving dynamos (still to be used for plastic, chemical and medical products, and many more such high-tech applications); and green power is replacing fossil and nuclear fuel. Only the British government and our oil /gas companies do not appear to see this happening world-wide.

The UK is giving its most precious natural assets, wind, wave and tidal power, to other nations, buying instead of building our own green energy plants. We are also relying on others for our dirty energy, such as the old fashioned French /Chinese nuclear plant at Hinkley Point. This is economic madness or blank bureaucratic stupidity.
Even dirty fuel reliant nations such as China and India (wood, gas, nuclear, brown coal and oil) are moving rapidly to green energy, while protesting that they will continue to burn stuff, just as the West has for 300 years of industrial growth. But they can’t breathe their air and the citizens are rebelling. …And Green is Cheaper.
Germany has plans for a Sahara solar energy plant that will power the whole of Europe. A large example opened recently in Morocco:
South America is rapidly converting to renewables:
Iceland is currently laying a cable to the UK to sell us geothermal electricity.
The world’s biggest coal company has just gone bust.
Major oil companies’ sales are rapidly diminishing. Saudi Arabia is transforming from oil to other industries.
I think that the change from fossil fuels (and nuclear) to renewable energy is happening now – far faster than market analysts forecast or want to admit. If I were an investment adviser, which I am not, I would recommend selling fossil fuel shares and buying renewables. The world is going all-electric – the fossilised old industries are strongly resisting the change.
The industrial TTIP players are trying to introduce laws to stop countries updating their economies. I hope they fail now – but in any case they can’t stand against the tide of innovation.
“Is democracy threatened if companies can sue countries …
31 Mar 2015 – The British government claims TTIP could add £10bn to the UK … Germany was sued using ISDS by the Swedish state-owned power company …”
But I think TESLA (Elon Musk) is right; I think TESLA shares will soar; electric vehicles will immediately clean our street air, and the global electricity supply will quickly become green.
QED – Noel
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From: John N
Sent: 27 April, 2016 11:56 AM
To: Noel Hodson
Subject: RE: Armstrong Economics We are headed into a new ice age but when
Are electric cars green, or is the pollution just displaced to the power stations, most of globally which use fossil fuels and look set to do so for some decades?

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