Hinkley Point on Sea
August 2016. – Britain is continuing its decades long debate about paying huge amounts of money for the next 60 years to French and Chinese state owned companies, to build and operate a new nuclear power-station on the coast of Somerset, England. 

UK watchers will recall that two winters ago much of Somerset in the West was underwater from rain floods, which extended across the south to almost reach Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the East.
Climate Change watchers will be aware that due to polar ice meltdown, sea-levels are rising and will rapidly increase the rate of rising. 2016 “will be the hottest year on record”; polar regions are warming more rapidly than all other regions. Ice and permafrost are melting. In northern territories the permafrost is softening and giving up its dead – people and animals – that died of anthrax. Cases have been reported among local inhabitants and herds. 
Successive, half-witted  UK Energy Ministers and their deluded departments are counting the days to when the power will fail and the lights go out. These old fashioned, feeble minded, financially compromised old codgers see only last centuries’ sources of driving the electric turbines – with steam, coal, wood, waste, oil, gas, and of course hot and dangerous nuclear fission. They urgently want to keep burning stuff – that heats the atmosphere, pollutes street level air, accelerates global warming and melts the ice-caps. 
Hinkley Point and all seaside installations will sink beneath the waves. Is it blind folly or a suicidal joke against the French and Chinese that the 7th largest economy on Earth is begging foreign nations to buy and own the last few pieces of the UK’s energy production and infrastructure (most of it is already owned by other nations)? Will we smirk with snide diplomatic pleasure as Hinkley Point sinks beneath the waves? Or will our children and grandchildren be locked into 60 year agreements to pay out the dividends, irrespective of the useless, drowned plants? After Brexit, the UK will be cut off from or pay huge premiums for pan-European energy supplies,
This immensely stupid idea continues to dominate UK energy strategy despite our island nation having infinite amounts of wind, wave, tidal, ocean-currents, solar, geothermal (from Iceland etc) and hydro power freely available. 
As the recently stirred unthinking, unwashed, illiterate plebeian  mobs maraud across the world, waving 4th Amendment guns, charging over cliffs, into swamps, into wars; urged on by purblind extremist “leaders” and denying all scientific research, logic and solutions – we isolated Brits dither and debate, on our ragged knees with begging bowls extended, to replace our failing energy generators with last century, dangerous technology run by the States of China and France; built on our seashores, which will soon be underwater. 
Dumb – dumber – dumbest. When will the next generation take over from today’s blindfolded “Free-Market” clowns?
Where are Britain’s Marine Engineers, needed to build floating cities on the North Sea to replace 5 million homes in sea-level London?

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