Frontiers of Science

A Mallalieu Barchetta – 2016 auction price about £90,000

Why a picture of a Mallalieu Cars hand-built Bentley Special? What has it to do with global warming and science?

In 1997 we ran this 50 person car making company. One of the prototypes we built was Microdot, designed by William Towns, a famous designer of Aston Martins. Microdot /Matrix  was a very early, possibly the first, complete electric/petrol hybrid.

Planning its performance and MPG (Km per litre) with Lotus Engineering, Ever Ready batteries, the Star Wars film designer team, GEC, our outstanding engineers, and many others, formed the basis for my interest in energy, fuel, exhaust, Minimum Weight Vehicles (MWVs), electric drive-trains, and Green issues. An interest that continues to this day; which has morphed into the now deadly serious global debate about Climate Change. Microdot is the deep background to the Sci-Fi books on this page. Buy them – and enjoy the inevitable drama to come – now that we have passed the tipping point of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Polar meltdown is assured.

Mallalieu Cars Video 1   Mallalieu Cars Video 2 

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