Will the White House Kill Trump?

28468-palinsavesamericaThis morning, my daughter, three-year-old grandson and my wife’s publisher and her daughter are coming for coffee. At 73, I now have to go and crawl around the floor as creche minder, playing with Lego and avoiding impact from fantastically heavy and strong infants. I will probably be too stiff to move tomorrow. So, I have little time to develop a full scientific and futurist rebuttal to Trump’s mad and bad pronouncements – which have profound implications for your and my family’s immediate future.

In fact – I hear the thunder of not so tiny feet in the next room. My time has come. Will I survive this Close Encounter? But first – what on Earth is Trump up to?

“Global Warming is a Chinese Hoax” says President Elect Trump. Reading the background to this widely reported idiocy, I find it stems from Donald-the-Master- Builder lobbying agaid2cd9-13414695057c24b-1nst a wind-farm, off the Scottish coast, opposite one of his Country Clubs for the additional comfort of the super rich. So, to get his way, he said bugger the planet and campaigned for coal and oil and against green energy. Spewing any lie that comes to mind, however silly and unfounded, to bully people, it may be OK for a thuggish building developer, shoving poor folks out of the way on the east coast of Scotland; but it is lunatic behaviour for a senior world politician.

This untutored, undisciplined serial-bankrupt will say anything without research or thought for the consequences – just so long as he can get his way and fill his offshore bank-accounts – tax-free, of course. When it suits him – the next minute he reverses his position. He thinks dodging, weaving, bullying, swaggering  and lying to the world is a great business strategy. It may be – but it is not going to work in global, or local, politics. Wait for the local voters’ reaction when he doesn’t build the wall, re-open the steel factories, or export 11 million Hispanics.

Looking into the near future, as a futurist, I fear that Trump is too old, too fixed and too rich to be taught new tricks. To switch from being, for 50 years, the unchallengeable, infallible Emperor in his small family business, of building (and bankrupting) plastic casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and of erecting Trump hotel towers in Manhattan, to working on reams of vital, globally important and complex diplomatic documents – may be too much to ask of this elderly old groper. I imagine he will bridle at the constant surveillance and protection; will be way out of depth with world leaders; will be baffled by the intricate machinations of US and global politics; and will rapidly tire. To change careers at 70 is no easy task. To change jobs at 70 into the most demanding job in the world – could make this by-the-seat-of-the-pants operator ill. It could finish him off. My prediction is that he will be a sickly President. We must pray that as he declines, as his ego deflates, that they keep him away from the nuclear button. We don’t all want to die with Donald.

A little science from an impeccable source: National Geographic “The stakes for the United States, and the world, are enormous: If humankind does not reduce its greenhouse gas emissions immediately, climate scientists say, Earth could face as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit of warming by 2100 relative to pre-industrial temperatures, leading to increases in droughts and wildfires, rising seas, and major disruptions to global agriculture.”

Washington Post “On the campaign trail in 2015 and 2016, Trump has generally been fairly consistent in his opposition to taking action on climate change. He’s again called it a hoax and implied that there’s a profit incentive behind the idea, presumably resurrecting his past claims that scientists make up the problem so they can get grant money. This is a long-standing theory, skipping over how lots of money would certainly be (and has been) offered for evidence that the oil and gas industry isn’t accelerating a massive environmental shift.”

AD2516 – After Global Warming sets out the reality of global-warming; and my second novel Out of the Depths, details how London and New York will be inundated. Both books are good-reads.

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