Can Trump survive a 28 lb attack?

Well – it’s Monday – and I have survived from being attacked by a three-year-old, my grandson, Ben. His mother tells me that Ben weighs in at 2 Stone – that’s 28 lbs (12.7 kilograms). I can testify that he is 28 lbs of solid bone and muscle. What a sturdy little chap! As I knelt on my aged bony knees – Ben repeatedly enjoyed accelerating across the room towards me; doing zero to 50 in 4 seconds – hitting his stride at 11 mph (17.7 km per hour) before leaping at my head. Not wishing either of us to be injured, I caught him at the zenith of his flight, with a nonchalant, pretended effortlessness that testified to my still youthful supple muscle power; and I gave a merry winning smile.

Ben’s mass-speed-velocity, I reckon, peaked at about 1/3rd ton – two feet above my head. My entire spine, neck, ribs, torso, connecting ligaments and inner vital organs twisted as he whirled, laughing, up in the air, above my head. From where, still in manful control – A Safe Pair of Hands – I lowered him carefully to the ground. What fun! We did this many times. I reckon twenty times; which amounted to me hoisting and contorting my amazing physique under a total of 6.6 tons. But I have survived; to live again as a flexible, trapeze athletics-training frame.

Trump – Nice or Nasty? Sane or Bonkers?

Will Donald Trump be as strong and lithe, as am I, rolling on the carpet in the Oval Office? I am assured that the ferocious, bellowing Mr Trump is actually a very a nice man, and loves his grandchildren. It is very confusing.

WILL THE REAL MR TRUMP STAND-UP PLEASE! Continuing my scientific analysis of Trump The Global Warming Denier, this is my response to a round-robin-business email, reassuring us that jolly, lovable President-Elect Trump is not the same person as wicked, slanderous Trump the Campaigner.




14 Nov 2016, Oxford, UK  – Hi Everyone,

As a sorely defeated Trump LOSER, I have just put my suicide hand-gun back in the drawer,  and found the courage to read the odd Armstrong article you circulated.

I’ve started a new Science-Blog and written two articles on Trump’s Infallible Expertise on Climate-Change science:

Will the White House Kill Trump?


Trump Wins and bans Global Warming

I also write on Economics – but do not have time to study USA economics in detail. It is challenging enough to keep pace with the UK and EU machinations. So, whether a massive reduction in US tax rates – with a massive increase in infrastructure spending is possible, on top of their $587 billion budget deficit and $20 trillion Federal Debt (Forbes); I leave to Mr Trump to figure out.

Today, I am having lunch with a distinguished world-class space-scientist who has just retired as head of a planetary atmospheric studies unit. One of the many instruments the unit built, many years ago, measures how much CO2 is in the atmosphere. They have also made similar high-precision atmosphere samplers for flights to Mars, Venus and Saturn, where they seem to have worked quite well. My friend is distressed to learn from President Elect Donald Trump and Ex-Governor Sarah Palin that his life’s work has been entirely wasted – entirely based on a Chinese plot, a hoax, to destabilise the American economy and the fossil fuel industry. – Unless, of course, could it be that those two politico-scientific geniuses are mistaken?

We must wait and see. In the meantime my advice is “Move to Higher Ground” and, on a different theme, “Move your Money On-Shore” (before the US or EU Treasury confiscates it).

Noel Hodson – Oxford UK,


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