A New Ice Age in Global Warming Era?

The Royal Astronomical Society – met on the 9th July 2015, in, of all the places under the sun, in Llandudno, North Wales; a coastal town of very little architectural merit, where I spent many a jolly childhood holiday, they met to warn mankind of the coming ice-age.

hfs-42-62-pictures-labelledAs a child, driven very fast in a series of near-death-experiences, by Father, with my five siblings, all being car-sick, from Manchester to the seaside; we piled out onto the Llandudno pebble beach to be repeatedly burned by the sun. In those once-upon-a-time days, when real men were real men and wives sat and guarded the picnic and beach towels; before sun-screens and total-block were dreamt of, the burns quickly blistered. We popped the blisters and removed the skin – and then were burned again and again and again. My wealthy Oxford skin-surgeon, who happily charges only a modest fee for carving off each potentially carcinogenic patch, tells me that all my skin damage was done by the age of six – scorched by that not so hot Welsh sun.

But, we skin-damaged Global Warming believers need not fear the ever increasing remorseless heat of the sun. It isn’t going to happen. Unless the webpage I’ve linked to above is an elaborate deception and plant – possibly by Trump’s Russian Mafia friends -these astronomical experts say there is going to be an ice-age. The Royal Society heard the evidence of 11 year sun cycles, and concluded that “Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 percent during the 2030’s to conditions seen during the ‘mini age age’ that began in 1645”. Buy a warm coat!

thames-frost-fair_3372160bThat mini-age is evidenced to in Europe by those memorable Christmas Card pictures of the Thames in London, frozen so cold and deep that the citizens held annual Ice-Fairs on the river. And the cold did of course affect the whole planet. 60 percent reduction in sun-spot activity makes for damn cold winters.

But, even assuming the sun-activity prophecy to be correct; have these assembled experts taken the Greenhouse Effect of Global Warming, forecast by 600 climate scientists, into account? On sheer numbers alone, in this singular case the 600 majority may well be right. The People Have Spoken – so, as with Brexit and as with Trump, we have to Get Used to It and prepare for the inevitable. That’s, in Britain, the renegotiation over 10 years of 600+ trade agreements, during which uncertain times the UK will lose 47% of its customers (the EU); and, globally, ever rising temperatures, Polar meltdown and rising sea-levels.

Is it Freeze or Fry? Answers on a postcard, please.

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