Fermi’s Paradox – and Missing Mass

coversquare31 Jan 2017 – A diversion into dark-matter & dark energy. A note for later expansion. I am speculating that the 80% to 90% missing mass is the history of the object. e.g. A man is the sum of sub-atomic, atomic, molecular and chemical parts; but is also informed by his life and experience to date. This track record is visible to all who care to look. We refer to it as character, or charisma, or authority – and a thousand other terms. A man’s history comes with him and immediately determines his status the moment he meets other humans. We can and do all read this information – First impressions count and are made by us in a micro-second. So we are made of mass and energy and our unique time-line or history. We are organisms on time-lines that date back to the earliest organisms, billions of years ago. I will resist the temptation to expand our past and present into the future. The past, history is real energy which has identifiable presence and impact which can be scientifically analysed.

Our histories add gravity, or the opposite, to our person. Most other humans can read the signals that our histories broadcast. History carries mass and energy.

Similarly, all objects have history. It is worth revisiting the fact that all particles are unique and occupy a unique location in the universe. The long lived, almost eternal, (I know that’s a scientific heresy) average proton carries a very long history, of many billions of years. In theory, we could track back from this moment, to the previous moment etc and understand a proton’s life-story. It does bring its history with it to the present moment.   More later

17 FEB 2017 – Later. – Last night at the Sheldonian, I watched and heard The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, soloist Janice Jansen, play Brahms Violin concerto – and play it brilliantly. Examining humans, which we all know and that we are (apart from DJ Trump), and using one-second as a popular handy historic time unit, confirms for me that history, the past, accumulates with each passing second. Janice Jansen’s skills have been acquired from inheritance, honed by practice, to produce a superior, integrated organism; which can be tracked back to the first life forms on this planet – and earlier, back to the formation of the solar system etc. Second by second, time knits another layer of organised (chaotic layers would evaporate) entangled particles, which includes the life-time-line of the remarkable violinist. Each layer incorporates the entanglement of the electromagnetic presence of all particles – the entire universe – one second ago, laid on two seconds ago, laid on three seconds ago – etc. These organised layers (fields) are cumulatively organised – for example evolving to enable intelligence  – and cumulatively energetic. Certainly the immediate visible presence of the particles (and underlying electromagnetism and nuclear energies) which we recognise as the present form – the NOW – of Ms Jansen, which is communicating itself to us and to the universe, is an energetic ephemeral ghost, a feeble fading phantom, if the accumulated history is ignored. We are incapable of relating to the NOW surface – look! its gone already – but we do relate to the highly organised organism that is built from, that evolves from, whose foundations depend on, the beginning of time. These past layers have energy; energy is equivalent  to mass. We recognise and admire the power and depths of that organised and wilfully directed energy. e.g. “Shallow” people, lacking coherence and depth, unwind and fade away. The same is true of of all phenomena in the universe. Protons have great historic depths. The analogy is 3D printers, laying down atoms and molecules in organised patterns skin upon skin – second by second; they evolve into useful forms. Each layer is energetic, each layers depends on history, each communicates across the entire surface (visible universe). What we “see” is a surface image – containing 5% of the mass-energy, built on the very real 95% mass of the past. This might be what mathematics discovers when it finds multiple – even infinite – dimensions; and missing mass. Gravity probably runs deep. Earlier speculation on the same theme: DISSIPATIVE PHENOMENA (2)

27 Feb 2017 – Another note. FERMI’S PARADOX. If the universe is so old and so big there must be many advanced civilisations. So, Where Are all the Aliens? I would turn the question around. We are the only civilisation we know; we evolved over about 2 billion years; When will we be able to visit other civilisations and how? On the how question – given the light-years distances we can’t travel there but might be able to scatter our hardened DNA which when it lands recruits elements and recreates us. But more effectively – the DNA is an expression of electromagnetic patterns (all things broadcast their presence via  electromagnetic waves) so broadcast the patterns, programmed to re-create us upon landing on fertile planets. Or we can sit and wait for flying saucers.

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